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02-03-23 08:56 PM
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hmm... I'm having trouble loging on at the moment... I think the server is bust

btw I think your name is already taken. I battled someone a few days ago called kaijin
Kaijin Surohm
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x-x I can't register.. There's some odd thing with it... It looked good too
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A brilliant shooting game. create you robot, create or join an arena and blast the living smeg out of the opposing players. RayCrash

I'm currently not very good at this and if you have a slow connection you have to be a hell of a guy whenn it comes to lag shooting... i have trouble actually DAMAGING the players (I hit them on my screen but they dont get hurt) and the only way to be sure i've huit them is to use my sword. I am RYjet911 on it
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - RayCrash

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