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06-28-22 11:53 PM
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Cyro Xero
Posts: 80/1778
Those are pretty funny.

"Go on, shoot me..."
"Hey, what's that noise?" "Oh, it's nothing, baby. Let's get back to making out."
Two words: Black Person
"I'm going to my, I'll be right back."
"Hey, let's go camping at Crystal Lake!"
Posts: 732/1566
"I know Bob said it looks like real dynamite."
"Of course it's sturdy."
"The pin was in there seven seconds ago." (note: grenades go off after eight seconds)
"What truck?"
"What could go wrong?"
"I think I turned it off."
"I'n bwot dwunk."
"What does this button do?"
"Do you smell smoke?"
"Oh sh-"
"It isn't loaded."
"All right, sir, I won't tell you the building is on fire."
"It's perfectly safe."
"Welcome [hic] abord. This is [hic] your, um, captain. [hic]"
"We'll be fine."
"I've done this opperation twice already!"
"Why, the next time I see that axe murderer...."
"Whoops, I dropped my wallet on the tracks..."
"Where's my parachute?"
"No! Not THAT button!"
"Daddy, what happens if my foot is stuck in the 'lescalator?"
"I can't swim!"
"I have complete confidence that Joe can stop them... Oh, hi Joe."
"Where's my pet tarantula?"
"What are you going to do, kill me?"
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Famous Last Words

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