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"I think we are already in it... that's why we need to get rid of all evidence here before it spreads through the city" *Ryan walks through the long hallway and goes through a very large door. The next room is a huge warehouse, full of boxes marked ' T-Virus ' and some containers which are impossible to see into. "I think this is what keeps these beings alive" *He repeats what the note said* "... Codenamed the "   rus"... I think that should say T-Virus" Ryan continues through and hears a soft groaning* "Guys... we got company" *Through a small hole in a wall, some more zombies start to crawl out, followed by hundreds more* "RUN!!!"
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*Torque swings around with his shotgun and aims it where the zombie was and then walks over to it and blows its head off.*

We need to get one of the bodies to the lab that were going to and analyze it.
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(ooc: where did you go?)

BIC: "Our mission is to find out what the hell these creatures are, what makes them like this and how to kill them. look at this" *Ryan hands him the paper from before* "We have just m de the bre rough of the century. We finally have the cure for death. Codenamed the " rus", this sol on ke ps a bodies cells a v after death, but l m ng th r ... The rest is hard to read. Basically it should read:
We have just made the breakthrough of the century. We finally have the cure for death. Codenamed the ..., this sol ... on keeps a bodies cells ... after death, but ............ The rest is hard to make out at all"

*Ryan sees glimpes of a zombie behind moogle, and chucks his dagger at it, just missing moogle's left shoulder. He goes over and retrieves his sword* "Good shot, no?"
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::Theres an explosion as smoke fills the tunnel then quickly clears away, to reveal a hole in the nearby wall. Standing amongst the rubble is none other then Moogle. Wearing a jet black trench coat and his sword to his back and his .480 ruger magnum in his right hand:: "Sorry guys, I got side tracked when we first entered the sewers a long while back. But Im here now, so whats our objective?" ::he says as he steps up to them and smiles.::
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*Ryan follows*

"But it seems to fit the facts. What are zombies? Undead... still alive after death if that's possible... dunno how it works though"

*Ryan sees some ammo hanging out of a coat pocket up on a coat rack, inserts one into his gun and takes the other two into his pocket*

"But we'll find out more when we get to the main test lab probably... and why on earth is there so much ammo around here?" *Ryan tries firing a shot, and his gun jams and splits down the middle* "Damn... safety bullets. Crap, that gun cost me $1,300... it has worked for 23 years... ah well" *He chucks it away and draws his sword* "I look a bit medivial with this don't I?"
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damn. what the hell r they talking about?
the cure for death?
thats wierd.
I think we should keep moving.

*Torque keeps walking.*
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(ooc: I've been wondering too)

BIC: *Ryan searches through the dead zombies' rotten clothes and finds some pistol clips and a note in one of the pockets*

"Hey check this. Some of the writing is blurred and hard to read 'We have just m de the bre rough of the century. We finally have the cure for death. Codenamed the " rus", this sol on ke ps a bodies cells a v after death, but l m ng th r ...' The rest is hard to read
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Im gettin there as fast as i can.

*Torque starts running down the tunnel and finally catches up to ryan. He shots 5 of the zombies with his shotgun.*

OOC:hey do u know what happened to misturmoogle?
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*Ryan jumps back in and the zombies start to follow him. he stabs one in the head with his dagger and swipes the rest of them with his sword* "I've cleared the area. Hurry!"
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Alright i head back

Torque begins to walk out of his tunnel. H reaches the end and comes to the big room and takes the second tunnel.

I'll be there in a min.
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*Ryan speaks down the radio" "Sorry the map doesn't show anywhere up that way"

*Ryan carries on down the second path and comes to what looked like an air vent. several people where walking around normally inside it. Ryan kicks the vent down and jumps in, immediatly recognising the people being yet more zombies. He takes his pistols out and fires a few shots, killing 4 zombies, then running out of ammo. He takes his sword out and slashes a few more before climbing back up the vent, getting scratched by one monster down his leg. He also realises that his rucksack is on a zombie's back* "Damn"
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Torque runs into the zombies. He puts away his shotgun and pulls out both of his pistols. He looks around the corner and sees how many there are. He decides to put his pistols away and pulls out a gernade. The gernade explodes and body parts go flying everywhere. Torque feels a vibration.

Damn that was one hell of a blast.

Torque walks over to the zombies. He sees multiple gernades exploded. They must have been wearing them or sumething. He finds some extra gernades and puts them in his jacket. He walks on.

Hey guys theres another 3 way up here i dont know which way to go.

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*Ryan hears more zombies behind him and fires the grenade launcher twice. The dead bodies of the zombies fly around everywhere, and Ryan is thrown back by the blast.*

"Okay. Call on the radio if you find anything"

*Ryan Goes down the second path, beckoning Moogle to go down the third*
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What u talkin bout i cant make it one my own i can but i could use ur help so thanks.

Torque keeps walking on he comes to a place where there is 3 places to go.

Where do we go from here.

Torque hears more zombies coming down one of the paths.

Well I'll go and handle this ya'll just stay here. I be back in a minute. Anyone who wants to come along can.

Torque walks down the tunnel he heard the zombies in.
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"WAIT! I'm coming with you. There's no way you can survive on your own in here." *Ryan pulls a flare out his rucksack and lights it. The sewer seems to go on forever. He points down the path*

"That is the correct path. Turn left on the third turning"
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Alright well lets get a move on then.

Torque walks ahead of moogle ready to have another gun fight. He walks around a corner and finds about ten zombies. As fast as he could pull his trigger and reload and shoot again they were lying in the sewage.

I'll kinda stay ahead you just read the directions off to me threw the radios.
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"lucky those things had these launchers then" *Ryan Puts one round his back and the other on the floor. He points on the map* "There is a route only a few 100 metres away from here. as long as we are not caught up by the things, we should get there in about 5-10 minutes"
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Well we better get a move on if we want to make before more of those things spread plus if we run into anymore of those things i still have gernades.
torque throws a gernade up and down in his hand.
But i wouldnt really care to have sewage sprayed all over me.
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"I think we'll be a little delayed"

*Ryan notices two of the zombies were carryin grenade launchers, but clearly had no idea how to use them. Ryan uses his gun to delay the creatures and uses his sword to clear a path. he grabs both grenade launchers and jumps back. He gets a large scratch across his right arm and another down his left leg. he throws the launchers towards Torque and splatters the head of a zombie about to bite his foot off. He runs towards the hatch, grabbing the launchers and Torque with him, jumps down and closes it.*

"I'm not sure this route was safe either" *The sounds of the creatures echo above them. ryan rumages through his ruck-sack and pulls out a first aid spray* "don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from." *He sprays the wounded areas and they begin to close up quite quickly* "These things are so useful... speed up the healing process of wounds by 100 times and remove most harmful bacteria... If only there was a place we could find some information... WAIT! I remember something about a secret underground lab that was testing this VERY dangerouse virus that managed to escape... All i know is that it can only be passed from person to person but I'm not sure if it links with those things... it is accessible from these very sewers. While we're here we should check it out"

*Ryan pulls out another map, this one being much more detailed than the first, even though a bit crumpled, and hands it to moogle* "Here is an ALMOST complete map of the sewers. it has routes here to other cities, rubbish tips, even the main sewage system of the city. as long as we dont end up running into more of those things down here, or read the map upside down, we should be able to easily find it... there are only three known routes I haven't checked"
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Torque followes moogle down into the sewer pulls out his shotgun and holds it straight out ready for any zombies. I hate sewers why did we have to go into a sewer i dont like the idea of walking around in sumone elses shit. Torque gets a flashlight out of his coat pocket. Turns around and shines it in the sewer behind him. Moogle still walking the other way. "Hey guys i think ud better take a look at this." There was a moan and the horde of zombies came limping hopping jumping or walking however they could at them. Torque fires a shot at a zombie in the lead it falls into some shit. he lets off 5 more shots and reloads 5 more zombies fall. Torque put the shotgun in one hand and a pistol in the other and starts mowen them down one by one.
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