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02-28-24 07:37 PM
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"Sounds like a good idea to me... but why do you keep calling me a Lady?"

*Jade indicated her tattered and dirty leather and fur garb again to further her point*
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"Does anyone else feel that we should quickly vacate the area?" Artris asked. "I don't weant whatever happened to this town once before to happen to it again with us still inside."

"Lady Jade and Master Cryus. When we are safely away from here would you b against informing us of what transpired while you were gone?"
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Raven wiped her eyes and cringed at the thought of one of her companians killed and at the thought of jade and Cyrus not being back yet. She glanced up at Artris but didn't say a word. Moments later Cyrus and Jade appeared abruptly before her and she jumped slightly. With a grin she looked from Jade to Cyrus, thrilled to see them safe.
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*Jade blinked as she saw the staff dissolve, wondering what was going on*

"Um... wha? Wait a minute, 'Lady'?"
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When Cryus and Jade appeared next to him Artris reacted instinctively and spun, swinging out the staff as an impromptu weapon directly at Cryus's head.

Cryus reached out with one hand and caught the staff before it connected with his skull and a few moments later it dissolves into a small cloud of pulsating mist where it is pulled in a small stream towards the strange sword straped to Cryus's back. "Oh, Master Cryus," Artris said as he finally noticed who'd arrived next to him. "Lady Jade it is good to see you both again."

He pointed at the head of the beast over near the door. "I got your message, did you get mine?"
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OOC: Hey Leon me and Jade are on aother plane at the moment so you wouldn't be able to talk to her.

"Ok fine we can go.... so many memories wiped clean by one fatal event." *Cryus looked around at the barren wasteland one more time as a single tear fell from his eye, then with out warning he drew the sword and made three qiuck slashes at the temple and then sheathed the sword. A few seconds later three huge blades of red energy ripped through the temple destroying any evidence that is was ever there*

"Lets go." *Cryus waves his habd and a portol of swirling darkness opens as he and Jade walk through and appear next to Raven and artris*
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*Jade looked at Cryus as he strapped the sword to his back*

"Can we go now? I don't like this place."
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Artris takes up Cryus's staff after burying Harmony and makes his way out of the shattered inn. "Come on, we need to see about finding that man you saw to see if we can persuade him to assist us against these vampires."

"Master Cryus and the Lady Jade can find us with their power when they're ready."
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(not sure if there were any posts but I'll start it back up with ya lol what kind of RP is it?)
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Okies....last I checked, I was the last to post there, but I'm not sure if there were any other posts beyond that before the wipe, so I'm not gonna post or anything. I'm just starting this back up again and if people still wanna do this, just lemme know if there were any posts after mine, and what did they entail. Other than that...let's do this!
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