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07-02-22 01:22 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Half Life 2
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My friends and I had a talk about HL1/HL2 recently ..

Honestly, we all came to the conclusion that the Marines could easily whoop the Combine's ass, hands down.

They were CRAZY in HL1. And those mine traps everywhere.

The Combine is awesome and everything, but the Army/Marines was just insane.
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Yeah Black Mesa Source I want to see, it will be awesome...remember how scary the AI was then...imagine it now...
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I really wish they'd hurry up and finish Black Mesa Source (the full out remake of the original with the HL2 engine).
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HL2 is old but its still a damn good game, Its constantly updated and HL Episode 1 ihas been out and it rocks, Episode 2 is due out soon, Games like GMOD 10 are ridiculously fun, I make Custom Weapon models and LUA scripts for the weapons, I am a Civil Protection Unit on the Digital Soul RP Server


By the way John makes a valid point, Whats the point when the thread already exists... /sigh

If you are interested in one of the Best RP servers around Next to Melonbrew.

If I am not on as CP-SWORD02-05150
Look for Chris Tylja
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This thread is two years old! I'm not even certain if it qualifies to be in Modern Gaming anymore when it's that old...

If you continue bumping old threads, you will more than likely find yourself banned. Stop while you're ahead.

The only reason I'm leaving it alone is because of Xeo.
The Accidental Protege
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Uh; probably because rules are rules?
Just adhere to them. They're there for a reason.
I don't question, and no one else does, so I fail to see the problem.
Command Osborn
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So what is being problem if thread is old. Is that going to cause world to implode in on itself and cause word anarchy as we know it? lol

Why make new post when post of same idea is already there?
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Holy BUMPles.

But oh well. Keep an eye on the date of the thread Osborn, but this isn't too big of a deal for this thread.

Anyways, I really can't wait for Episode 2 to come out. Its definitely going to be weird playing in a forest in stuff. Not your typical industrial Half-Life esqe area.

I never finished Episode 1 myself, but I did watch a friend play through the entire thing (its fun watching this game!), and it was only about 5 hours long anyways.

I can't wait for the Half-Life Orange pack for the 360. Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episodes One and Two, Portal and Team Fortress. All for the price of ONE game. You seriously can't beat that.

And yeah, then I'll own HL2 for three systems. Its that good.
Command Osborn
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Half Life 2 is great. With all the new stuff they put into it I wasn't surprised when it won all those awards. With the episode things happening it's even better, continuing the story line that is.

Also this is the game that has got me hooked on making my own maps, levels, that sort of thing. So easy and fun to make. No wonder there's so much mods and download's on Filefront.
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even though i havent played either one i think the second would be a pretty awesome game from the previews i saw and plus some people like it a little more than halo so i have to think it is a good game.
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I played the first HL and thought it sucked really bad.. the controls were to hard to get the hang off and graphics were slightly skrtchy, but thats what I think.
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Who has seen or played this incredible FPS for the PC? Being the sequel the the original Half Life, HL2 takes everything a step, sounds, the gampelay. Everything is done incredibly smooth. There may not be as many weapons as the first game, but heck, the ones they give you are sure as hell fun to play with. A favorite is the pulse rifle which has an alternate fire that unleashes a powerful core generator that can kill the enemy upon contact.

The graphics, of course, are nothing short of splendid from the areas you explore, to the monsters you face, to the facial expressions of the people you meet. Everything is done realistically. And the physics...oh dear god, the physics are just insane! You place a can on the edge of a garbage can. Depending on how far it is on the edge ,it can either fall out, fall into the can, or just stay there. Wow.

Of course, what's a FPS with all those fancy stuff if the main dish isn't very satisfying? of course, the gameplay is still great, as it was in the first one. The controls are really simple and you never feel cheated out of the action. However, vehicle controls do feel a bit chunk, but you get used to it.

Many of you people rant on and on about how Halo 2 is the 'most amazing' FPS ever. I guarantee you, HL2 is better. Heck, the ending was even better too.
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Half Life 2

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