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08-14-22 10:14 PM
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Brunken Drawler
Posts: 111/30
I don't think the kangaroo stood a chance. So I voted for him... :-)
Posts: 118/327
Superman cheats man.. he has super powers lol.. I think Yoshi is da bomb, and can jump the farthest under natural ability.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 77/1778
As much as it seems he could. I don't think Super Man could leap super long distances without flying. The Hulk uses all muscle to do it. That is pretty amazing.
Posts: 784/2999
This would classify as a gaming thread if it included all game charactors (Like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Samus, and so on). But even if it was like that, it would belong in Modern Gaming, the general gaming forum. But this thread only has a couple game charactors, and involves different charactors and beings from different things. Kangaroo? Super-Man? Hulk? This is more of a general "Who can jump farther" thread than a gaming one. So, to craziness it goes.


EDIT: Also...

*Votes Cat*
Posts: 728/1566
One superman would not jump he would fly...

I mean come on whats the point of being able to fly if you dont use it....

So i picked superman

He can fly...Flying is better then jumping.

Posts: 387/365
Super Man because he could just use his super strengh...and if that does'nt he could cheat and fly.
Posts: 43/158
i think superman because well hes superman
Posts: 451/80
Did anyone see that movie the hullk
The guy jumped from a dessert to a snowy place in one leap!
Thats just plain corny but I think that superman can jump the farthest without flying I mean.
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Jumping

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