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01-26-21 07:41 PM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 73/4539
Jaques jumped up, successfully attempting to dodge the water. "I suppose I'll continue to dodge and/or block your attacks until you leave your sheild."
Posts: 1207/476
OOC: lol... ya allright... you can be theatric... but let's a have a good... CLEAN... fight... lol...

*Jexim had already been preparing an attack and at this moment he sprung his attack, about twenty razor sharp streams of water shoot from the ground around Jaques, all angled, aimed anywhere from his chest to his head to his knees, they all shot from a ring of water about 8 feet in diameter, this happens as Jexim is saying*

Too late...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 398/4539
ooc: I know, I rarely use anything to manipulate other peoples things. Also, what good is Jaques with no theatrics? He's not.

ic: Jaques had the realization that attacking directly would ultimatley fail. He had to have an attack inside the water shield, which couldn't be done. He'd have to wait for Jexim to attack, and leave an opening. For some reason he had his doubts about the adamant sword penetrating the water.

"I move to the defensive. Your turn."
Posts: 1186/476
*Jaques fire ball did nothing but hit the dirt covering his watery protection, and as for air, well, water can transport and clean oxygen as well, which it was doing constantly keeping Jexim from becoming light headed, controling the water in the shield around him, Jexim slowly made the shield grow larger and larger, untill the thickness was almost nonexistent, yet it still retained it's steel hard quality, unbreakable, yet giving*

your elemental manipulation is amateur at best... do not speak to me of which you do not understand...

OOC: Try to pay attention to what your doing, i won't let you get away with simple mistakes... and we'll set these simple rules... i can't manipulate water your controling and you can't control water i'm manipulating... so there... drop your theatrics and fight...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 389/4539
Jaques controlled all elements. Fortunatley this included water. He used the water sheilding to stop the projectile.

"I control all elements, but since I'm such a nice person, I won't use your water sheild to kill you. However, the longer you are inside water, the more air inside it you use. Eventually you must open the sheild, and my dirt will get inside when you do."

Jaques made a spell so that the dirt would keep coming at Jexim even when Jaques was not even thinking about it.

Jaques sent a large ball of fire at Jexim, which should be able to steam up and evaporate plenty of the water.
Posts: 1175/476
*as the dirt began to cover Jexim, he used the power that his hidachi's gave him to pull water from the decorative fountain nearby, keeping the dirt washed away and covering himself in a protective dome of the aforementioned water, washing also beneath his feat, protecting him from the flames beneath*

I will not have you getting me dirty...

*with a grin he walks foward, the dome moving with him and protecting him from dirt and fire, stops and throwing up his right hand, his tatoo burning in the light blue reflection of the water protection of the dome, He fire's off a Hadoken, surrounding it to in water, protecting it from being deflected by dirt or fire, and adding an extra punch of power to the impact*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 385/4539
Jaques jumped over the sword, and jumped away

Jaques used his elemental powers to make dirt sorround and cover Jexim, forcing him down, and kept it coming, and refused to stop. If Jexim tried to push it away, he would meet with Jaques' power and there would be a compromise, causing the dirt to pile up again.

While Jexim was busy with the dirt, Jaques used the element of fire to come up from under Jexim. Also, to prevent jumping, Jaques made the dirt also come from above, so Jexim would again be combatting Jaques' strength, but the dirt would still be piling, and the dirt would not move from an impact of jumping.
Posts: 1165/476
*as he was thrown he performed a simple little flip in midair, landed unfazed, and ran back at Jaques, sliding down and to the side at the last moment, slashing at his legs once with both weapons*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 383/4539
Jaques attempted to grab the other foot with his free hand, and began to turn himself around, swinging Jexim around. When he let go then Jexim should be sent flying.
Posts: 1159/476
*Jaques did catch jexim's foot, but before he could twirl him, Jexim threw his other foot up aiming at kick at his face*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 365/4539
Jaques attempts to grab Jexim's foot, causing it to stop. Using his other hand, Jaques blocked the attacks with his sheild.

If Jaques succeeded in grabbing Jexim's foot, he would triwl him around, and send a chrushing blow at Jexim's neck.
Posts: 1122/476
*Unfortunately the blades that jexim held we're a type of weapon designed especouly for defense, making it an easy job for him to block all five attacks, then as he blocks the last attack he kicks out heavily at his stomach at the same time he slashes for his chest and sword arm*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 358/4539
After examining his blade, Jaques suddenly ran toward Jexim, attacking with a flurry, using five strikes.
Posts: 1115/476
That's why i got him... i was gonna skin him and make him into a shield... damn it...

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 351/4539
Jaques examined his enemy. Jexim would be a harder opponent now that he knew a few of Jaques' movements, but Jaques had a few tricks.

He placed a helmet on his head, and pulled a shield off his back. "I'm suprised the midget survived my new sword's blows. Adamantium must be weaker then the merchant said."
Posts: 1109/476
*Snapping into a sudden alert mode he quickly throws the bag to block the first of the blows, then quickly unsheaths his hidachis and parrys all the other ones, as the attacks stop he steps back in pause for a minute*

Dude... you made me lose my midgit...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 336/4539
ooc: Sorry, but Jaques is a cold-blooded killer, if you're asleep!

ic: Jaques sent several more blows at Jexim's neck.
Posts: 1081/476
OOC: dude that's harsh... killing a man in his sleep...

*The bag of laundry suddenly comes to life and blocks the attack, suddenly out of the bag comes a midget in a thong, it looks around then dashes into the guttar near by, the comotion woke jexim*

what the... hey... my midget...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 331/4539
ooc: I guess since we haven't finished our fights, I'll take you

ic: Jaques walked toward a sleeping man. He rubs his eyes, wondering why Jexim washolding a bag of perfectly clean clothes!

He recognised Jexim, and snuck up on him, then sent a would-be deadly blow to Jexim's head.
Posts: 1070/476
*Jexim stands there with a bag of laundry held over his shoulder. Strapped to his back were his deadly Hidachi's.*

yawn mumble mumble yeah... gotta... do the... kickass... frustration... Asuka....

*Jexim fell asleep*
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