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02-27-24 02:41 PM
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Originally posted by Lord DarkSlaya
Everyone is pretty much pissed off, IMO.

And I hate the fact I though everything was finally fixed and the remaining holes slip in my hands.

You put it into perfect words.
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Wow...i feel left out...i didn't know the board got attacked again...i was moving. Well that i'm getting pissed too! Who the heck did it!?!?!?!
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Originally posted by Elara
I think it's safe to say that we are all pissed off by this, but we can't let it get us down.

I wasn't pissed off by this.

Okay, I would figure something like this would happened someday, sometime. But I knew it would happened anyway... How? Elara know because I am whatever-she-called-it (empathic?).

I really didn't care about all of these post counts and you guys act like it was a major deals or something? So? As least you should be proud to know all of your hard work wasn't forgotten by most people. Or when thing get worse, you have to push all of your anger issue over your forgotten hard work? Please...

I am going to say this, but you guy did a great jobs regardless of posting. Whoever said that posting was a race? I don't know (Probably the nearby cult) but think about it... Did you think it would be all hard work? Probably. For nothing? No...

I am proud of you guys just for doing what you did good at. It really don't matter alot but sharing your honest opinion is the start. So what we have to start all over again? This mean we got to give someone a try for having fun.

You can't fuss over what already happened. Beside, even we got a new start, we should help other people to become a expert. Heck, Zabuza... you can even teach everyone how on to become a sucessful writer or become a author.

Tamarin, you are given a second chance. That is all that matter...

Elara, try not to be a fast pace poster because you want to be the 1st place for having 1000th post or 2000th post. Everyone deserves a chance to get there first.

How would you feel if someone take everything away from you because you never give them a chance?

Me? I would feel bad about him/her and myself. Because I would be too stubborn to know anything.
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Well, apparently the jackass isn't content with just coming here. He's also trying to pull the same BS at another board I go to. And naturally, since he refuses to tell me who he is, I've got no clue what the fuck I did to piss him off.

What a world we live in.
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I think it's safe to say that we are all pissed off by this, but we can't let it get us down. We've been through this before and bounced back, we can do it again.
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Pick a name and stick to it dammit!!

Anyway, I don't remember what this was about, so I'm going to go play SC3KU.
Kard Ayals
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Everyone is pretty much pissed off, IMO.

And I hate the fact I though everything was finally fixed and the remaining holes slip in my hands.
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Im wondering why the person who did this picked you of all people...

Yeah I feel for Xeogred but he says he doesnt want that because we wouldnt understand and I cant say I would understand what that would be like.
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Right. You're pissed. Yay. What about me? The one who all this BS was blamed on. Or Xeo, who had to restart his board yet AGAIN.

I think it's safe to say this has been a bad experience for all involved, especially for Xeogred. Just remember that there were others who lost things, that there's nothing you can do about it now, and that other people (again, Xeogred) had it far worse - you lost a story or three. He pretty much lost his board.
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I can say im mildly pissed off also....I was planning to come back here since the closing (God rest its soul) of Nihongo Freak. But right when i thought I would have another "home" to go to, I come back and its burned to hell. I was planning to get back to posting and maybe break the top ten again. Jesus, I wish someone could catch who did this...send him/her some E-mail viruses or something. Im just about as sick of this immature crap as Xeo is, but Im sure I have no idea how he feels.

I said start over like we did at the last hacking to get a fresh start and im sticking with it...Sure we will "lose" all of our old posts/thread as we did before but im sure our minds will generate some ideas. Thats my rant.
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First off, I could say I'm not pissed, but I'd be lying. Second, I could say that I can let this go, but I'd be lying because it's just not going to be that simple this time. A little warning would have been appreciated. Mostly because I've just lost valuable updates to three of my stories, and after this, I don't know if I want to continue writing SOF on this board. It happened before when I was teaching my network security crap, and now this. No matter what happens, something always screws me over. First work, then this, then who knows what next...oh, and the boyfriend thing...but he can fuck off.

I was prepared for the first one or so. I had backups, I still do, but my laziness this time and someone's uneasiness at proving some menial point because being a teenager in whatever school period in just too much of a burden and just too much to handle that I have to be a menace to everyone. Oh, grow up. At least have the dignity to complain like the rest of us our LJs.

See, I can still have a bit of humor despite the fact that I'm eerily calm and horribly enraged. But, I can let go despite our immense progress on LBCC Reality, how my stories in the Paradox Island series were beginning to have some depth and beginning to unfold, and how my bastardized rendition of what once occured to me in SOF was starting to get just that much more interesting. Okay, I'm done. But, I do have this to say, I don't care if you had permission to do one damned thing. I shall get my revenge.

This was not the gay, disgruntled, oppressed writer you wanted to mess with. And, yes, I can end sentences with prepositions and other junk because I can. So there.

Thank you for being you...without you, I'd have no motivation to kill.
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