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08-18-22 04:00 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Favorite pet?
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Cyro Xero
Posts: 106/1778
I'm surprised that that are more votes for cats than dogs. I figured most of the guys from here would choose dogs.

Another pet I like tha tI did have a very long time ago is a chinchilla. Until you feel one those rodents you'll never know what the softest fur in the world feels like. (may not be THE softest)
Van Rhanell
Posts: 157/337
/\ /\
>* *< cats rock! They're the most understanding animals ever, will eternally love you if you-and only you-feed it, and have a very deep gaze that sets them higher than other creatures. I personally like cats because most of them like weird smelly seafood just like me. My last cat, who disappeared one night a while ago , was really friendly and had only three working legs; the back left was torn apart by a dog and healed sticking straight out. He was the coolest friend anyone could ever have, and helped me eat all the tuna in the house. A funny thing about them is if you stare at any cat long enough, they'll jump at you no matter what kind of mood they're in. I'll do that for fun to test my reflexes, he hasn't 'gotten me' yet.
Posts: 65/158
i like snakes simply because they scare alot of people but i choose cat because snakes can t really cuddle up and plus i like to try the myth cats always land on all fours but i like cats cause they are so agile.
Posts: 12/49
After really thinking about it, I now prefer cats over dogs. For many reasons, it has been my experence that cats are just about as loyal as dogs(atleast in most normal curcumstances). Secondly the cats I have ether known or owned have pretty much been very good in that they play with the toys I give them or will play with me when I have my free time. Also the cats I know come when they are called and will normaly either sit near you or in my lap, they always let me pet them and will normaly purr(Something dogs don't do). Then there is the fact that you don't have to walk a cat which is great for me since I tend to be lazy in the moring. Also cats are smaller and are alowed more places like appartments and rented houses, since even untrained cats aren't that big of a deal unlike dogs that can be quite loud and a real pain. Though it has been my experince that dogs are better for people allergic to animal fur, I don't know why though.

So I do really prefer cats in my city life though I would really like a dog if I was living on a farm or something like that. Since dogs with plenty of room to run around with are quite fun and much better than cats in that respect. Though I personly don't live or see myself living in a place that alows dogs any time soon so meh. So with all my city living it has turned me into a cat person, I guess I will just have to deal with that.
Posts: 391/365
Funny how this just became a thread between the Dogs and the Cats I probably should have excluded them from the line up so that it would have had more variety...
Posts: 260/1555
I voted other because I don't really have a favorite. I like dogs, cats, snakes, and lizards all the same. I love animals in general and plan on having quite a few when I get older and live in a house that's big enough.
Posts: 984/-3459
I had the COOLEST cat ever, so I'm voting cat ONLY because of how cool THAT cat was. Cat's in general are assholes, but my cat was wonderful!

Loyal like a dog, cleanly like a cat, able to steal from vending machine's like a squirle. I taught that cat (or I guess it taught itself) so many tricks that it'd kill any dog's mind. I loved my little "Spider"
Posts: 108/327
Yall don't have my choice up there, everyones a dog or cat person, to me personally.. dogs stink, and cats tear everything up. So I want a little ferret type thing or a panda bear!!
avatar of law
Posts: 99/486
i'm not going to say anything but...
dogs are loyal. cats do not listen to you. dogs eat too much. cats claw too much. cats do not need you to take care of them as they can take care of themselves. if you get sick, your cat can catch it, and vise-versa; this does not apply with dogs. dogs are legal property, cats are not, unless they are show cats. so too bad if someone steals your cat =p
Posts: 456/80
I picked cats
cats are cool
i like cats
cats are playeful
cats are great
do u have a cat?
Remember xmagicxmaniac would probebly spam something like this I was just thinking about him, banned from doing that too much that was funny

My response is cats are cool. I have 2 cats and one of them is a kitten it was actually a stray but we found it and brought it in. Dogs are ok but Im a cat person, and always will be.
Posts: 801/1198
It's a tough choice between cats and dogs. But in the end, I seem to like cats more than I like dogs. I can't really say why. I just figure that I can do more with cats than I can do more with dogs. Dogs can get too energetic for my tastes. And when you take a look at my daily schedule, you'll see that I hardly have time for a dog cause I won't always be around to take care of him or her. So I guess a cat would be better for me.
Posts: 523/2954
I chose my cat, for it is black and appropriately pimp. I have a pic of it, wearing a Mr. potatohead hat. The green one. It is also sleeping, which is hilarious. Anyway, he is very cool! And his name is Lucky!
Posts: 432/219
I picked cats.... considering I have no choice. I live with three cats and one of them is telling me to write this or she will cut my throat wiht her claw.... I f anyone is out there please help me before it is to late.
Posts: 142/944
Cats, are, awesome!!!

I used to have one, a bluepoint himalyain.

He died though Cancer sucks....

I'm afraid of bigger dogs (bad experience)

and well yea, i just love furry playful paws
Posts: 1078/476
Dude what are you talking about... you can throw a stick 50 feet... the dog will go get it and bring it back... then do it again... for no reason... now that's love... your nuts... a cat is all about itself... the dog is like... oh my god... you've been gone so long i never thought you were comin back i missed you never leave me again... and all you did was walk out to get the mail... A cat will piss in shoe and then look at you like... Your Welcome Ass Wipe... Dogs are the Best
Posts: 133/162
Im a cat person. I dont know why but cats just seem more loveable then dogs. Expecially kittens at the point where they cant meow but just go mew. Dont ask me why but I just prefer cats over dogs although there are some cool dogs breeds out there.
Posts: 1506/2785
Loves me the pussies, even though I'm gay. For some reason, I always find that gay guys have cats; and that puzzles me. But, not for too long. I like puppies too, but wish they could just remain cuddly little balls of fluff. Not miniature little yappers, but just puppies forever. Aww...

Back on task, I like kitties mostly because of their independence and their triangular ears. And, Fappy is just fat.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 50/1778
I prefer a dog. They''re playful when you are and calm when you are. Of course there are the occasional hyperactive dogs. Hehehe, that's something I like too. I'm not to sure about getting male dog, however. At least not when the previous owner of a residence I decide to take up has had a dog in it. That's when the "marking the territories" phase begins, and when a dog pisses on carpet I can get just about as angry as my mom. That's a female dog is something I'll probably end up with.

I did own a cat once, but he had to be taken to the humane society. Sometimes peed a lot. And not in the litter box.
X Marks the Spot
Posts: 450/693
Finally you all get the hint, we just need to move on...

Anyway, dogs kick ass...

I currently have a pug.
Posts: 775/1461
Alright, lets keep moving!

Anyways, I'm a cat person myself (though I love all animals). They are just so playful and comforting. Dogs are a very close second, followed by snakes.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Favorite pet?

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