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01-15-21 06:48 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Discord Server?
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I am not on discord super often but I am definitely open to the idea.
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I've talked about this with a few others now and am maybe becoming open to the idea. I'm moving this thread to the General forum in case it maybe gets a little more exposure. I'd like to see others chime in on it.

I don't like using FB thesedays but one thing keeping me from deleting it off my phone is that it's still one of the only channels I have to still communicate with some members here. I have a few of you on Steam and whatnot spread out. So centralizing all this on Discord could probably be cool.
The Accidental Protege
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Originally posted by Mei Koyoki
Yeah, I suppose I see your point here - heck, in cases like these, sometimes it can actually bring the opposite and help activity happen on the boards again! So why don't we go for it (as long as DarkSlaya is able to configure a webhook to sort out a forum-Discord bridge/report)?

To be fair, at this point, why not just disable registrations given the only ones have been spam for the most part for the past few years now? I doubt the Indian 'packers and movers' spammers and the likes can fathom how to bypass a move like that - and it forces anyone who genuinely wishes to register to directly ask an administrator.

On a side note - I'd apply for mod (mostly for cleaning up the spam issues and nuking every single account in the memberlist that is a spammer regardless of their post history) if it weren't for mental instability.

The fact I have about five accounts lying around that I scrambled the password on not too long ago due to somewhat recent drama which is totally irrelevant to here should prove the previous paragraph enough... there's also the fact I tend to have a habit of messing up everything I touch.

That said, I could easily sort out a quick-fix Discord server configuration and transfer the ownership to one of you if you're too busy right now, I never do anything useful with my time, me being a NEET so... yeah

Safe to assume you're an old timer or OG? Might I ask who? I don't recognize your name
The Accidental Protege
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Originally posted by Mei Koyoki
It's a nice gesture/idea, I guess. My only concern is that the board would just flat out completely become unused by anyone who used to use it due to Discord mitigating a lot of communities to it that used to be on forums and IRC.

I dunno if it's just me that feels like I'm in two minds about this - I wouldn't want to see the board completely disused like what's happened to basically every single one that migrated over to Discord; at the same time, given the amount of older folk, and the possibility of reunition, it might do the opposite.

Xeo himself once said something along the lines of not being much into IM back in the day in a previous discussion about this topic, I believe.

I don't disagree. But the board can still exist; probably as more of a monument to the good ol' days. We gotta face the facts; almost no one shows up here anymore. We're all adults now, and have lives outside of message boards. That, and the board has been taken over spam bots with waves of phishing attempts every several days.

I just think it makes sense to have a more centralized, light weight community at this point. I don't want us to all to drift apart forever, to be honest. Hell, I can't even reach out to Cairoi, Xeios, Astrophel, or anyone else at this point, just because we all drifted apart. With Discord, if we ever do decide to dissipate for good, at least we can still have points of contact for any non-communal contact to keep friends close by. Face it; without a Discord, once people tell themselves they're done with Xeogaming or Acmlmboards forever, that's it. I just don't want to see that happen.
Lord Alexandor
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I would 100% be on-board with this idea! I vote we do this!
The Accidental Protege
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It seems that activity is at an all time low, which is to be expected for a board over 14 years old. We all had some good times here. But what if we just started a discord server? I'm sure most of us are familiar with it, and it would be a neat way to maybe even have a little reunion session.

Just a thought.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Discord Server?

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