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07-01-22 06:23 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion
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So California has reinstated restrictions that masks must be work indoors and yet all day today in Orange County I have seen about 50-60% of the population just ignore it. I am not surprised at all by this, just continually disappointed.
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So my family and I have been vaccinated, but I still get anxious.

When I had a video appointment with a doctor about my wrist, the nurse who was asking me questions went over the usual COVID symptom checklist and I said I was feeling fine and that I was vaccinated (the first time I'd started to show confidence about it, by the way) and she just slaps me down. "Well you can STILL get it even if you're vaccinated, so you BETTER WATCH IT!"

Like, GEEEZ, lady. You're preaching to the choir here.

A friend came out on her FB to say she and her kids all have it. Friends were going, "Oh no, were any of you vaccinated?!?!" and she didn't answer ANY of those comments, but thanked all of the "Get well soon!!" ones. Hmm.

I actually feel extremely disappointed in her. She's massively compromised as is one of her kids, whom we all had had to pitch in for to get her some medical care because she would just stop breathing while she slept and has been in and out of the hospital the ENTIRETY of her short life. I mean kids can't get vaccinated yet, but what's my friend's excuse for her and her husband?

Meanwhile, I'm back to work at both jobs and still put on an N95 (despite being vaccinated) because I have trust issues with all these people running around maskless. ;P
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Now for something a bit more annoying, we now have to do some kind of web portal daily symptoms checkup everyday for work. We were already getting temperature checks at the door and the building has gone overkill on social distancing moving tables, shutting off water, banning reusable cups, making us bag up our lunch bags in the fridge, blocking off sink/stalls, I'm not even kidding. So it's just one more thing when I keep hoping we're almost out of this crap!
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I have not been up on taking my vitamins, but I've heard that Vitamin D helps. My parents take supplements several times a day and go for walks around the neighborhood every morning.

I have hypochondriasis (illness anxiety), so the mere thought of catching this sends me off the deep-end. It's kind of amazing. Before I had my breakdown, I was practically FEARLESS. Bran and I went to Chinese New Year at the big temple. People had masks everywhere and there were so many folks fresh from visiting relatives in China. And then in February we flew to Seattle for my sister-in-law's wedding. Seattle was JUST about to become the pandemic epicenter (which then shifted to NYC -- and now HERE... goody.)

I was going to all my shifts at both jobs. Now I can't imagine setting foot in either.

Good to hear you're in good health, though!
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Stay strong Rogue. I'm no expert, but are you and your family taking Vit-D by chance? I like Joe Rogan's podcast a lot and he's had a few specialists on throughout the months, a lot of them say that's a crucial one to take right now. But we should probably always be taking it, our modern lives don't let us get enough of it.

I started taking Black Elderberry gummies full time this year too. I tried them out last year during the seasonal shifts and it did seem to help stave off colds and stuff. I can say, outside of a random stomach bug or two, I don't think I've really gotten sick at all this year...

But yeah, diet, physical activity, all helps for sure.

I'm right there with you though. I'm personally not very worried about this for myself, but very cautious if I'm maybe taking it somewhere and I don't want to get family sick. Of course they still want to do the usual gatherings but it'll just be a handful of us.
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Been a while since I last updated. I've been going on little drives at least once a week and I'm able to go run errands now, but I'm still terrified of my parents doing them because they don't take issue with cross-contamination. My dad's the type to drop food on the floor and put it right back on the cutting board or serve it.

Anyway, I had a phone conversation with my boss from the center, just wanting to catch-up since we're friends and I had sent them a Christmas card. I guess COVID ran rampant through the center at least a couple times. We don't have clients coming in right now, it's JUST the employees. One of my co-workers ended up having a stroke and is paralyzed, unable to speak, and not really with it when people are talking to her. Another of my co-workers JUST tested positive and she's a 71-year-old woman with diabetes.

I've been doing what I can to protect my parents. But, you know, people don't like to feel like they're being controlled. I've hit a, "I guess I'll just do my best and hopefully that'll be enough, and if we get it ... we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it."
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I went for a drive for the first time in nearly 7 months. While out, I walked into a market -- wearing two masks -- and have been having anxiety thinking about how close people were to my face (wearing masks, but some wearing bandanas or gaiters, which I've read are actually WORSE than wearing nothing, increasing the likelihood of spread.)

I'm about to stop therapy with my next session and I'm nervous about it.
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The COVID-19 pandemic brought the worst out of everyone. Although I was laid off BEFORE the pandemic happened (August 2019), it really shook my confidence in finding an engineering job due to everything just seemingly falling apart. I was fortunate enough to get a disability rehabilitation service before COVID-19 came, but it also made me feel like crap that it was a overall horribly experience.

I am still getting help from disability rehabilitation service, but it really put all of the job prospect on hold and even then, I am still concerned if I could even get one. The worst part of it all, my sleep schedule is messed up lately and I am still trying to find thing I can do that isn't playing games lately.

At least, I could draw in the meantime.
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You still have to pay for your insurance through this? That doesn't seem right at all. They froze our companies 401k for awhile but I think it's starting back up.

Sadly I've been pretty miserable... always tired and it's been a month, I don't see myself adjusting or liking this kind of schedule. At least now I know.

I even took a Tuesday off a week ago and feel like I just wasted my PTO. Getting up around 2am on my days off is a terribly weird feeling. I have no motivation or creative energy until the sun starts coming out, which is like a third of my day later.

I did order a sun lamp recently though and a second one. They do seem promising... might help uplift my spirits or something.

I loath how the company will have all these emails about us doing great and whatnot. Yet they just shoved dozens and dozens of people around to new unwanted positions and shifts. Already seen plenty of people call in and one person in the group I was transferred over with found a new job. I'm sure she won't be the last.

I have my updated resume on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and Robert Half, so I'm keeping my door open now. It just sucks. I liked my former department and I'd hate to go through that temporary thing again or 3+ months without insurance, etc. The initial process of starting a new job is always annoying. But I don't want to come up with excuses. If something good comes up without a paycut or whatnot, I might jump ship. It still doesn't seem like there's any guarantee when and if I'll get to go back to my old department...
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I'm so sorry, Xeo. I hope there's been some good fortune of some sort this past month.

Jesus, do I ever feel crying in the shower.

I lost my shit when my mom was out talking with a neighbor at close range because they asked if they could have some of Mom's flowers from her garden and Mom didn't want to be un-neighborly. This was a week ago and I'm still on edge. I cried for 20 minutes, full fucking sobs, took a shower and then had to message my therapist. Avoided my mom for days.

Still furloughed from both jobs. The $600/week unemployment dried up last month, so now it's pure, naked unemployment which is SHIT. It's how much I get paid at my part-time job, which is absolutely horrendous to live solely on and still being asked to pay for my own insurance at the full-time.

Been attempting to clean our room and closet for months. Finally got the closet all straightened, but the room went to shit again with all the stuff that needs sorting.

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Sadly things went pretty South this week, not to the point of being laid off or anything, but I was unlucky enough to be selected with about two dozen others across my department and others, to be forcibly removed from my department and transferred. The worst part is the only job duties I liked are the third shift options.

So I got a 3:45am shift and we have to start immediately this week. Gave us a weekend to adapt... great. They only gave us a day to make our choices on which position we'd prefer too.

I was angry one day, depressed the next, and a mix of emotions on my last day yesterday. Cleaning out my desk and all... didn't even get to say goodbye to some people that haven't returned from furlough or vacation. I mean I may still see them on break, but yeah.

I've been at this job for 4 years and hope I can return to my department, but with how things have gone in 2020 and in my company these past few months, I don't know if that'll even be possible. My pay remains the same at least and I'll get a 15% differential for the third shift, but ugh. I'm not excited about these hours or the new department I'm going into. I will have to wear a lab coat, the mask, a face shield, and gloves ALL day now. We were able to take the masks off at our desk at least. With asthma, I think this is going to be pretty annoying. The face shields bounce lights badly too so I'm sure I'll be getting even more migraines now.

Finally just cried it out some in the shower yesterday. Four people from my department decided to resign. Probably more incoming and others that can't make this transition work. It's devious big corporate drivel, but because they are technically "offering" us new positions, we cannot quit and get a severance, or get unemployment from this scenario.

As I mentioned above, I literally just moved... then THIS. The timing is just awful, it's been really hard managing all this stress hitting at once.
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Glad to hear you at least HAVE restrictions. Shit, this place is going to hell real quick.

They opened Downtown Disney in Anaheim and Walt Disney World is open over in Florida, but once everyone's in, it seems like a free-for-all. Masks off, no social distancing, people crowding EVERYWHERE.

I'm still furloughed, and other than occasional money woes, I'm fine. We're having everything delivered and not going out for anything other than my parents taking walks. I haven't been more than a block from my house in nearly four months.

Sorry you're feeling claustrophobic. I combated this myself by making my space as comfortable as possible, splurging on things off Etsy and FB groups for renaissance faire vendors. I've got all the coffee and throw pillows and rainbow socks I could want, I guess. I've got all this art hanging up and I'm tending to plants I also bought online. After that, I'm diving into watching films and TV shows, streaming them and buying them off Prime. My life is just all about finding distractions, as my therapist recommends.
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Glad you're finding some positives out of this Rogue, getting some much needed me-time for yourself!

I moved in late June (worst move ever), into a better, newer, and cleaner apartment. So that's been one major event in 2020. I'm excited but hope that the rest of the world turns around sooner than later too.

KS has made masks mandated as of July 3rd, which is fine. Better than shutting down again. But some barcades and places opening up have so many restrictions, understandably so... but it just makes me want to continue to not bother and be locked up inside. ... even as an introvert I'm starting to feel pretty claustrophobic and lonely at this point in ways.

Thankful that I've been able to keep working. They are bringing everyone back from furlough this week though so we might lose hours again. But my job security seems like it'll hold up through this. I wish that was the case for everyone.
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Something of an update, I suppose.

Still home with my family. I've been furloughed by both jobs and still haven't received unemployment due to that being a mess with my name change in limbo (COVID strikes again.)

I'm a few months through therapy and medication, and I feel like I've at least had progress and that I'm actually healing after all these years of suffering with anxiety and depression. This quarantine gave me the priceless opportunity to pause and address my waning mental health. Something I couldn't have done before, what with my two jobs and therapy and doctors only being available when I would have been at work at my full time job that has NO VACATION TIME available.

I hope everyone's still safe and well. These are REALLY crazy times.
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Thanks Rogue. I guess I'm not ultra worried since we can do unemployment and all, but I'm sure it'll be a hassle. And I'm hearing it could take months for any of us to get that stimulus credit.

The timing of this all couldn't have been worse. 2019 was not one of my favorite years in a long time... and 2020 was starting off pretty bad too with some personal things. Then I was hoping to finally move out of this damn apartment that I've been at for three years now, sometime this summer. I'm still hoping things maybe clear up after April and I can escape, but the uncertainty of this all makes this so hard to call. And things keep changing by the day at work. If they force us all out the door and I have to take the unemployment, I will sadly probably be stuck at this apartment longer. I just saw that they wouldn't be raising my rent at all this next renewal, but ugh I hate this place and have had so many issues, along with deteriorating health problems because I'm 200% sure there's a black mold issue here.
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I'm sorry, boss man.

One of my jobs in furloughing us starting next Sunday. Understandable, it's A LOT of employees.
Posts: 11700/11746
Might have to go on a furlough.

Thought I was safe at a lab that's even helping test the virus and all. But nope, it's having zero impact on our side of the business (multiple departments). Sounds like they want to close down the entire building right now. Hundreds of people...
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I haven't left the house in three weeks. I started counseling and I'm most of the first week through my anti-anxiety medication.

I hope everyone's safe and healthy.
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Same, I couldn't really care less if I get it or anything really... as for my mum however, she's been going through a lot since the past year or so and it does genuinely bother me, as her immune system is likely lowered (from when she had a heart attack last August) and she suffers from depression too since a long time so...
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I too am more worried about family than myself right now. Made sure to text my grandma yesterday to see how she was doing. My sister just got a new job overnight, but then the governor here in KS ordered all schools be closed for the rest of the year, so she's in a situation now with my nephew being home all the time. Dang...

I'm worried about the economy ahead of us now. Thankfully I'm at a lab and think we're even providing test kits and stuff. I'm just a lower end data entry guy but I think I should have some extra good job security being here through this. Some departments were directed to go work from home for the time being, but we can't since there's classified personal information on our PC's. It's a little alarming in ways, being at a big lab still with dozens and dozens of employees walking around, but yeah...

I always hear good things about Black Elderberry for seasonal changes, anti-cancer, etc, I was going to try it out again as the weather changes here, but I made sure to get some now sooner than later. Amazon looked backordered a bit for awhile. Been keeping extra hydrated and all too.

Humorously this doesn't feel all that different when I'm home like usual, but yeah. It's very eerie having to drive out to work with the roads mostly empty. And I'm more worried about others than myself, I'm always good with my own hygiene... the "tips" have been common sense to me, but never underestimate most people I guess...

The story is changing everyday, but last I heard some expert/scientists are hoping we'll be out of the hump of this by May. It's hard to believe anything that China is telling us though and if they really are over the worst of it, but hopefully that's the case and that timeline should line up a bit with us recovering in May and June...

In my and our lifetimes, probably the weirdest global event since Y2K and 9/11 so far... stay safe everyone and check up on anyone you can!
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