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08-15-22 07:18 PM
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Originally posted by Phoenixocracy
Yeah, I would never grow up and be an adult. Too hard.

From me, someone who turned 18 literally in September (I was barely alive when you were kicking around here...) - same lol.
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Yeah, I would never grow up and be an adult. Too hard.
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It must be insane to think you helped form part of people’s eternally-held memories with this place’s existence X... I can’t speak for you or anyone but, with real life commitments and all that happened over time with everyone here, it must feel like you get a feeling of purity, like you did something positively impacting on someone’s life, from anyone logging in again to say hi again here.

That I can’t even begin to think how it feels. <3
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Dear gods, man, it's been a while. Nice to see you pop in and say hello!
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Always gonna be Clockworkz to me.

Good to hear from you man. Even if it's just for some nostalgia, it's always a blast to see some old friends pop in and get some nice updates like this.
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It's certainly been a while.

Congratulations on your adulthood.

Originally posted by The Accidental Protege
It's been almost 2 decades. I cannot believe it.


Meanwhile, me:

Kard Ayals
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Hello there!

Trust me, I know what you mean about the nostalgia. I was updating the forum code to work with the latest major version of PHP7, and it kinda hit me like a truck: "This is where I started programming, 15+ years ago".

One way or another, keeping all of those posts since the beginning alive.
The Accidental Protege
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I am now 31. I now own a house in Maine. I'm financially independent. I have a college education and a full time job.

It's been so, so long since I've posted here, but I'm glad the board is still alive-ish. I just got nostalgic over the old RP threads, the old art I used to post here, and wanted to see if this place even still existed.

Glad it does. Hope you all are well. It's been almost 2 decades. I cannot believe it. So many memories. Drunk on Bon & Viv. Love you all, miss all the good times.

Just wanted to let you know.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Hi

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