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06-06-20 10:20 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 2019
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I swear, the second the music started I got all choked up with nostalgia. It comes out on my anniversary so Kaleb and I are talking about getting as our gift for each other... and then fighting over who gets to play first.
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Yeah, I think the new Link's Awakening remake looks awesome!
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So... my car ended up getting totalled in an accident, and I used the excess funds from the payout to buy a new PC as any self-respecting gamer would. I will now be able to run all of these upcoming games and I am giddy.

Total side note since my last post was before the Nintendo panel: OMG I FORGOT THEY WERE REMAKING LINK'S AWAKENING!!!! My squee was in ranges that I cannot actually hear with human hearing.
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Originally posted by Luigi442wii
the only thing I know is that Keanu Reeves was on something there

and everyone was memeing about it, lol...

You're breathtaking!
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the only thing I know is that Keanu Reeves was on something there

and everyone was memeing about it, lol...
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I'm also excited for PSO2. I was one of the ones that enjoyed and played the crap out of Universe, so I was pretty disappointed when I learned they wouldn't release it here. PSO2's announcement was probably the most unexpected thing at E3, for me at least.

As for FF7, their attention to detail is fantastic. I'm hoping that Square-Enix finally gets out of their weird slump with this. I'm liking the look of the new ATB system, as magic was something that I was worried about. If FFXV had a similar system with magic, as opposed to being clunky-but-overpowered, I feel like it could have redeemed that game somewhat. Looks like good old SE learned a lot from that venture.

Elden Ring looks fantastic, and I'll probably play die in this one a whole bunch.
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At some FF7 concert last night they revealed that it will release on March 3rd, 2020.

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From what I gathered, PSO2 is Xbox and PC, and hopefully cross-compatible servers.

Ikumi was adorable and I think her joyfulness was a cool counter to the spooky elements of the game in the trailer.

I totally forgot about Wolfenstein Youngblood as I was writing this. It looks neat. And, ya know, Nazi killing is always good.

The concept of Deathloop is interesting to me. I want to see more trailers or info before I really make a decision though.

Total side note: that Rage 2 segment was hilarious. Also, I am happy to see Fallout 76 is getting human NPCs finally.

Elden Ring looks really cool but GRRM needs to finish writing the damn Song of Ice and Fire series or I am gonna lose it.

Yay Cyberpunk and Keanu! I need a new PC!

I know I am looking forward to Nintendo and Square Enix as well. I am curious about the new Assassin's Creed but still rather meh.
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Yeah, I hope they can clarify on where we'll be able to play PSO2. I don't want an Xbox One at this point either, but Xbox is all about being a service going forward and getting everything on PC. Yet some people make it sound like PSO2 will only be on the Xbox consoles... hmmm.

Ghostwire Tokyo looks fascinating. Ikumi Nakamura was hilarious and cute, I read up on her and she worked at Clover (Capcom) and Platinum in the past. Now she's like Shinji Mikami's apprentice apparently, so I think it's awesome he's grooming some new director talent for their studio. I hope we still get an Evil Within 3 eventually, but I'm super pumped for a new IP.

Doom Eternal looks amazing. I just hope the Heaven stuff works out... still seems a bit odd for Doom when it's always been about space and hell haha.

Wolfenstein Youngblood looks awesome.

I love Arkane Studios, but I'm not sure I'm sold on Deathloop yet.

Elden Ring will probably be awesome and I don't even care much for George RR's involvement haha, I just know From Software have been some of the best this gen for me personally. Looks like it'll be back to more RPG elements like Dark Souls, rather than Bloodborne/Sekiro which was getting a bit more action focused.

Tales of Arise, wow that's an engine upgrade! I'm curious about this one.

Cyberpunk release date April 15, 2020... feels a bit surreal. I'm just worried if my PC can handle it.

Nothing special about Xbox Scarlet, no price, etc... basically just sounds like the PS5 specs we've already known about.

I'm not totally sold on Fallen Order yet, but I loved Titanfall 2's campaign so I have faith in Respawn.

After Xbox/Bethesda for today I think I'm most interested in Nintendo and Square Enix next. I better see Tifa!
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It is that time again.

I am a bit excited for Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to the US. I loved the original PSO... I just hope that my computer can run it since I don't want to buy an Xbox One.

I checked out the Bethesda showcase earlier today. No updates on Elder Scrolls VI but I am looking forward to Blades on the Switch since it looks rather fun and another free to play Switch game is always welcome. Ghostwire Tokyo also looked amazing.

I am not a big fan of streaming, but I admit that Orion sounds like an awesome development in the field just for the improved bandwidth usage alone. Doesn't help with battery life issues caused by playing, which is my primary issue, but it does take care of a lot of others.

Doom Eternal looks nifty. I am not a FPS fan, but I have to respect how good this game looks.

I missed the EA showcase but did catch the gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Fallen Order. It looks awesome. Hopefully they are getting it through their skulls that RPG players enjoy single-player story-driven games and stop trying to force live service crap down our throats.
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