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05-19-22 11:27 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Holidays 2018
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Sorry to hear Elara, glad you still got to see some family though. Are you at least getting some holiday pay and whatnot?

On a brighter note... I really want some ginger bread cookies now. I think that's the one little holiday snack I missed this time around.
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I pretty much spent the entire holiday season working. Thanksgiving we had everyone over and I got some nice compliments on the dishes I made. For the Yule and Christmas holidays, it was constantly fighting with management to get the day off for my family's holiday party on the 22nd... I think it was the one girl that always works Sundays leaving to a new department that finally got me my wish.

Went and saw holiday light stuff with Rogue and Brandon, that was pretty much the only festive thing I got to do that wasn't with family.

The family party wasn't bad, considering this is the Trumpy side of the family. My aunt fell and broke her hip, though, so that kinda sucked the fun out of everything after that. Luckily we were planning on leaving soon after anyway. She is doing fine, just working out getting a caregiver now.

The main family gathering was Christmas Day since I had to work Christmas Eve. My whole immediate family was there save for one niece, so we had a good time.

I made gingerbread cookies from scratch for the first time ever for the work potluck and extras for the family. Everyone liked them but I was literally the only person that brought anything for the potluck.

Had to work New Year's Eve until 8 pm but I left at 7 since my shoulder was in so much pain all day I could barely move. We ended up at Ben's place playing board games and walking down to the beach at midnight to watch fireworks from the Queen Mary.

So yeah, this current job has made it the single-most isolating and depressing holiday I have had in years.
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Went pretty crazy this year for my family, I didn't want to get cards. Got my parents an AMC gift card though since they're friends with a corporate worker, so they get into the movies for free. This will cover for snacks haha. Got my grandma an apron and she turned out to love it... which was a last minute gamble purchase. My nephew I got some Transformers and a lego set which he did, but him and my sister freaked when they unwrapped the mini SNES I got them.

Had to go to a church service Christmas Eve day with my grandma and family... it wasn't too bad though.

Christmas day I drove out to my parents to hang out for the day. Helped my nephew put together an enormous car track set thing, haha. Apparently he got a mini drone... which only lasts a few minutes before you have to charge it. Played a bunch of random SNES stuff with him off and on. Mom and sister cooked some good stuff, but my entire family are now vegetarian and my mom vegan, so the green bean casserole and whatnot was definitely different... lol. I didn't get any meat either! Oh well, still had an awesome meal and great time.

I'm SO glad nobody turned on A Christmas Story or Elf. I'm so sick of those. Glad I pretty much never heard any Christmas music anywhere either, haha. Somehow dodged it this year.
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It was another Christmas at home with my parents, not really doing much. We had Stitch and his mom over. I crocheted another scarf.

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Both my old roommates party and the party I went to last night were purely Smash Bros Ultimate basically, haha. Had a blast! I rarely drink thesedays but I went a little crazy these nights, lol. Didn't go over the edge though. Hangovers come much easier thesedays with age so I don't drink much anymore.
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Happy belated birthday to your dad!

Going through being a widow on the weekends, which is about the usual for this time of year. It's our first Christmas since getting married and I really don't have presents for anyone. I made scarves for each of the people in my house, made one for a client, and now I'm making Hogwarts house scarves for my friends' children.
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I should mention its my dads birthday today.
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Yeah, it's a bummer that work isn't giving us Monday off. Complete bullshit this year with this company.

My co-workers are pieces of shit, but I'm still setting about decorating the center for the holidays. While some say it looks like my friend (the secretary) and I have gone overboard, I still don't feel like it's enough.

So I'm back to living for the weekends otherwise. Probably going to hit up the light spectaculars again, whenever Brandon's not working.
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New details:

Old roommate is having a little party this upcoming Saturday. Him and I decided on the idea of busting out the old Xbox and playing some Halo with a group! Haha, I'm pretty pumped for that.

Nephew's birthday at my grandma's Sunday.

Then one of my friends is having a New Years party I'm excited for. We'll be watching The Raid 2, since we watched the first one last year with that group and it was amazing haha.

I'm glad Christmas and New Years fall on Tuesdays, since I work Tue-Sat... so I'll have a nice longer weekend those weeks! Would have gotten them off regardless but yeah, I'm not sure if the Mon-Fri people have to come in those Monday's or not but it's possible.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Other than that, yeah holidays get quieter and quieter after a lot of grandparents have passed away and family splinters.

Pretty much. When my dad's mom passed when I was in high school (2002?), suddenly there was no need to hang out with my dad's side of the family ... EVER. We didn't celebrate any holidays together until pretty much 2013(?) when my parents invited people over for Thanksgiving.

Yup, family is crazy. At least you've got 'em.

We went to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. When we went last year it was amazing, but this year more of the family wanted to go, including my dad, and it turned into an ordeal.

The best times were pretty much Thanksgiving itself, which was AMAZING both in food and having everyone together ... and pretty much whenever Bran and I could sneak away to see things by ourselves.

Originally posted by Luigi442wii
Hoping to get the tree up for the weekend. I also bought my mother a present.

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Hoping to get the tree up for the weekend. I also bought my mother a present.
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Went to my grandma's for Thanksgiving. She had a chicken roast for myself, her, and my cousin, since my dad, mom, and sister are vegetation/vegan now. It was pretty fun but we all got tired early in the evening, the huge weather spike maybe didn't help either but it was amazing outside. Hit like the 60's somehow.

Work was hectic this week though and they changed some shifts at a days notice. Super busy and had to do overtime Tuesday and Wednesday, but Friday and today were slow as heck. So I'm ready for work to get back to normal next week.

Probably doing Christmas at my parents like last year, since they have the bigger place now and all of my cousins toys. He's turning 6 in December and seems to be in a Power Rangers phase now, haha. They keep joking he mirrors me a lot. He's getting good with Lego's too. I'm thinking of buying him and my sister a mini SNES, since their old one is falling apart and they don't really understand how bad AV looks on HDTV's... so they both might enjoy something that works better. But I'll probably get him some action figures or Lego's too.

My dad's step mom is crazy and cancels things for the weirdest reasons. My dad and my aunt rarely get to see their dad, but their step mom gives HER two sons (my uncles) special treatment of course. Now they both live out of state. My dad is kind of over it at this point but will always be resentful his father didn't try too hard to be part of our lives. My aunt still takes it all real personal though. But my dad and aunt went out with my uncles last night... I was going to, but my neighbors were literally screaming at the top of their lungs around 10:30pm, then my neighbors above me were stomping around all night. Only got like 5 hours of sleep so I was pissed and cranky, didn't go out to eat with family Friday.

Other than that, yeah holidays get quieter and quieter after a lot of grandparents have passed away and family splinters.
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So what did you guys do for Thanksgiving and got any plans for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza?

Currently at my cousin's place in Sacramento. We had almost all of her family and mine there, only missing her transgenedered son that all of her family still refers to as "she" and by her female name. He didn't come home from Wisconsin, where he's attending college.

No real plans yet for Christmas. My grandfather died on Sunday and we're thinking we'll be hosting family at our house this year.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Holidays 2018

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