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06-02-23 10:59 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Holidays 2017
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Christmas, itself, was fairly anticlimactic. We had some family over, and they left pretty early.

Bran and I went to look at the lights all over the place, and saw ISC's production of "A Christmas Carol" which came with flaming punch.

Work was pretty drama-filled, but at least our boss let us drink for the afterhours party. So I brought in the good shit: Broguiere's egg nog and VSOP brandy. For the white elephant I put $30 worth of Fandango gift cards with a big bag of mint M&Ms in a hat and wrapped it in a whole roll of toilet paper. I got a heart-shaped ashtray. Apparently lots of people were pissed off for me.

We had plans to go to an Ugly Sweater party, but that got sidelined due to Brandon's work going way over time. Did Ugly sweater at work, but only a few people did it too.

Essentially my brief holiday break was spent watching "Star Wars" again and again and for a tiny bit saw some cousins, an uncle, and my grandpa.
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Had the, thankfully, last awkward Christmas with Kaleb's family. He actually had to text his aunt to have her husband shut the fuck up because I was ready to walk out of the house and leave. Apparently, LA is infested with Mexican gang lords (as in all Mexicans are gang members and drug dealers) and they will slit Kaleb's throat... "like them darkies down in Pittsburgh."

His aunt also made comments about the gangs and Mexicans. But she noticed my face go wooden immediately and commented that I clearly didn't find it funny, which I answered, "No, no I don't." Kaleb even added that most of my family is Mexican, which made her stop... but the uncle continued on. He also apparently thinks that all pit bulls should be shot in the head. All of them.

At least his dad's side is mostly sane. And their party was overall better.
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Well, have gone to see the lights in a few places. I'm sick now. Not sure if I'm going out this weekend at all.

Bought and wrapped my presents for my clients. Each activities coordinator buys gifts for six clients and I went ahead and knocked that out yesterday. A couple co-workers and I had a mini-wrapping party.

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It honestly sucks that Christmas fell on a Monday this year. The idea of having to go back to work on Tuesday and there's no time to run out of town to see family afterward since we only got Christmas day off.

I make a point in staying with my parents Christmas day, of all holidays. The one time I didn't, I was DEEPLY regretful of it. If we do "Christmas" with Brandon's family, it's AFTER the holiday.

On top of that, Brandon's pretty much working every day since the civic auditorium he works at is constantly booked for holiday shows for the schools and community groups.

At least we also get New Year's Day. Also a Monday. Ugh...
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First post here in a while.

I'm only really looking forward to the Christmas dinner at home and being together with my family for the day. Might buy something nice too, idk. Though there's no presents or anything I particularly want, the best kind of present is love.
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Nephew came out for Thanksgiving... between the airline moving his flight up and work, I didn't get to spend much time with him. For the winter holidays, we have some thing with Kaleb's one half of the family on Saturday, not sure when we are doing stuff with the other half... and Yule party with friends on the 17th.
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Haha, weird about the beer.

Grandmas. I miss having one.

I'm currently up in Sacramento, at my cousin's. Thanksgiving went over pretty well with my cousin, her family (some flying in from college), my aunt and step-uncle, another cousin, and my parents.

Their internet was down all yesterday and none of her family were all that interested in calling the company to complain. Jesus, were this my house... Still, everyone just looked at their phones.

It all has gone better than if we went to Arizona like we usually would, this year. Seeing my cousin and her family was a great excuse to not spend the holiday with Brandon's aunt and her spoiled brat.

Still no Christmas plans, though it's sounding like my cousin really wants us to come up again. I don't think I can take the time off.

So far the only tentative Christmas-y plans I've got are going to see Christmas lights with people from work at some point.
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Spent Thanksgiving at my grandma's with my parents, sister, and nephew. Good times. Grandma bought beer for some of us for some reason... she still doesn't really get that I'm 30 and my sister is 24, treats us like toddlers and thinks we'll drive home drunk after one beer. Why did she get the beer? Oh grandma...

Didn't see my dad's family, since my uncles weren't in town and his crazy stepmom doesn't do any family events without them. Maybe we'll see them around Christmas.

No major Christmas plans yet. I'm already exhausted. Just not a fan of the holiday fever I guess.
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Well, they're coming up. Any plans?

I'm heading up to Sacramento on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin's family.

No Christmas plans as of yet.
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