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02-28-24 09:48 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Thanksgiving!
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Originally posted by Rogue
Originally posted by Xeoman
Thankful some of you are back! Need to find the rest... heh.

Hear hear! I'm happy to see all these good folks back, even if just temporarily.

We'll take down FB!!!!
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Thankful some of you are back! Need to find the rest... heh.

Hear hear! I'm happy to see all these good folks back, even if just temporarily.
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Thankful some of you are back! Need to find the rest... heh.
True Flight
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Yeah I decided I would just wander back in. Boy has it helped out a bit. This Thanksgiving was a huge chore, but all in all, a really good one.
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With a lot of the old Xeogaming suspects returning, it reminds me to be thankful for this family, haha. We all go back pretty far.
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Not a fan of the history, but I've always liked the holiday... turkey gravy is the best!

This year was the first for Kaleb and I... and since his family doesn't really do anything for it and mine is on the other side of the country, we just did a small little dinner for the two of us. We found a boneless turkey roast (mixed dark and white meat) that comes with a gravy packet... paired that with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, stuffing and pumpkin pie. It was good... the roast was not the true turkey deal though, so next year we might do chicken... but the gravy it came with was actually the best I've ever had.

Sad thing was I had to be in bed by 7:30pm because I worked at 5am on Black Friday.... as for my opinion on stores that open on Thanksgiving... I refuse to participate. I try to to shop at most of them... can't really avoid Walmart, but I won't go near it until the Monday after.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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My Thanksgiving was pretty good, it's always fun with my family. I actually ended up having two gigantic meals though, haha. We ate with my wife's family first at about 1, then turned around and ate with my family at around 4, so... we were pretty full, haha.
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I started out so upbeat, but this Thanksgiving has ended up being a disaster. The "Fuck You" thread has the details.

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It's one of my favorite holidays thesedays, but I don't like how it amps everyone up for Christmas and New Years when all the music hits, people spend so much money on mere decorations, lights, and all that stuff. I like how Thanksgiving doesn't feel like propaganda or anything haha. But the rest of it... eh. It's like everyone is in a hurry to get the year over with for some reason. So I don't like how frantic things get. But I love seeing family.

Went to my dad's family for Thanksgiving. Mom had to stay home with the flu and it sounds like everyone got it after Thanksgiving. I was sick a week or two prior so I already had that junk pass through. Three people brought mashed potatos and they were all different, so had tons of that and other great stuff. Green bean casserole is probably my favorite thesedays. Not a huge pie guy so I just had some cookies. Had some straight Strawberry beer that was 10% and actually not that fruity at all, it was different. Weather wasn't too bad, a little nippy. My grandpa put up a slideshow showing off old pictures of the family line he's inherited and kept around, so that was cool to see a lot of history. We did that instead of watching What About Bob, which is what they usually put on years prior... lol.
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I hate the history, but the food always hypes me up.

Unfortunately, I ended up with a really bad case of constipation (lots of pain, to say the least) a full 24 hours before the dinner and I was afraid to eat anything more than a few bites of mom's green bean casserole.

Kinda wish turkey had more fiber, haha.
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I used to hate Thanksgiving.

I still do, but I also did when I was younger.

Too many people that I either don't know or dislike crammed into too small a space with too much food, a fair portion of which I also dislike. My uncle is always present, and you know how every family has That Uncle? Yeah, he's that one.

My room's about as far from the dining room as possible and I'm still not spared the shouting because of an overly obnoxious family that can't keep it away from my fucking door, despite me telling them twice to fuck off with that shit.

Maybe it's better with a less shitty family.
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Funny how things work. Years back I was bad-mouthing Thanksgiving, based on the history and all that.

Now it's one of my favorite holidays. Excuse to get a couple days off, maybe go on a roadtrip, see family and friends, maybe get to do some sightseeing with them. It's like we've taken it and made it our own. And yeah, FOOOOOOOD!!!

So what's everyone doing tomorrow?

I'm heading out to Arizona to be with Brandon's family. They having a reunion on Black Friday. I kinda would rather we just did one giant Thanksgiving, so the rest of us can run off to Sedona or somewhere instead, but oh well.

Anyone else get offended by the idea of Black Friday shopping leaking into Thanksgiving? I hate the idea of keeping workers from their families just so companies can make more money.

Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Thanksgiving!

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