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11-28-20 06:43 AM
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Well, jul still is around, board2 won't go away, The W still exists, and Kafuka is the home of Acmlmboard 2.5

I'm mainly on Kafuka. Nice community.

anyway, yeah, it's a nice idea
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How many AB's are still around?
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I only know 2 active acmlmboards that aren't to do with ROM hacking: this one, and my one, but that runs a spin-off of AcmlmBoard known as ABXD.
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Polls have always been a little broken for some reason. The life of Acmlm.

I was really into it back in the day. Challenge Games Community was my first forum and an AB forum before I even knew about the main AB. Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge was crazy, I beat it with save states...

It's never been our focus unlike most AB's though. But I wouldn't be against it if people really want it and activity picks up.
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See the poll.
Vote and state why...

I think it could bring activity here, for a start. A lot of people I'm gonna show the site to are ROM hackers and I'm willing to support them by giving them a community for it. This site has no drama or other issues on it other than generally being a little inactive.

So yeah

(unrelatedly this happens when you make a new poll:

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