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06-23-21 05:33 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mai Shiranui coming to DOA
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Looking good!

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Haha yeah, DOA and Ninja Gaiden have chicks everywhere, moreso than dudes. They certainly don't have technical struggles with it...

For the record I played DOA Xtreme 2 recently, which has individual boob physics. Each boob has a different gravitational pull to something... and so yeah, it is basically absolutely hilarious and so over the top unrealistic. Had a few good laughs with that one.

Looking at Mai here, looks like they've maybe improved the formula a little... but it's still exaggerated. Not that I'm complaining.
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I'm frankly surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

This all just makes me think of the excuse that game developers use about women being harder to animate, so they don't use them as main characters as often. I mean, we're able to have T&A games like this with all the jiggling details...
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They've done it... they've made me interested in DOA again.

Mai Shiranui will be in Last Round.

The original babelicious. And she's legit one of my favorite fighters to use next to Morrigan.

Can't wait to see how this turns out.
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mai Shiranui coming to DOA

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