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08-17-22 05:41 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Apple vs. the FBI
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I guess that's what they get for being silly. Jeeze.
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The FBI hasn't released how much they spent to get that third party to hack for them, but their director has sort of let on that he's ashamed that the amount exceeds what he'll be paid for next seven years.
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Originally posted by Yushe

*face palm*
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Yeah... the whole thing was kinda nutball. Civil discourse is dying and it makes me want to cry.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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What really annoyed me here was that this was turned into a republicans vs democrats issue, just like the police shootings. Are we really all so polarized that we only side with issues based on our political party?


Either way though, I'm not surprised in the least that the FBI found a way in anyway. Nothing is 100% secure. I really don't mind them having a way to hack it, as long as they can only do it with the warrant. I don't want them going crazy like the NSA was.
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I am glad that they got it open without Apple's help... I totally agreed with Apple's stance on the issue. You can't just write code that unlocks only one phone. Their devices are not made that way... they are not unique little snowflakes. What the FBI wanted was essentially a skeleton key that could have been used on every Apple device in the world (because all Apple devices run off iOS).
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Now I want to know if they find anything.
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Well, the FBI got the phone unlocked without Apple's help. Apple doesn't have to write code and argue that their first amendment rights are being violated (code is considered a form of speech), and the government gets to go through a terrorist's contacts and see if they can account for that missing 18 minutes. It's win-win.

The way this all ended is hilarious. Turns out iPhones are vulnerable anyway.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Apple seems to be trying to say that the FBI wants a backdoor into all iPhones, while the FBI is saying, no they don't, they only want the auto-wipe function in this one phone to be eliminated so that they can guess the password.

If Apple's claim is right, they shouldn't do it, I say, but if the FBI's claim is right, then Apple should help them out.

Either way, the fact that this issue went so far as to be argued in the press, instead of being handled privately and quickly, is really ridiculous.
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Originally posted by Cteno
The conspiracy theorists believe that there's a huge web of secrets regarding 9/11, yet the government can't even unlock an iPhone. I'm pretty sure that invalidates each and every one of them.

Oh I know a conspiracy theorist myself he's such a pain in the arse and he was messaging us to death on facebook about some alter crap because I sent him a prank email.

Still on topic this whole thing makes me want to support Apple and yeah there can't be just one backdoor there needs to be more for it to properly work. I hope they don't implement it I'm not even updating to 9.3 because I want to get the jailbreak if one is released.
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Apple is right. There's no such thing as a government-only backdoor.
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The conspiracy theorists believe that there's a huge web of secrets regarding 9/11, yet the government can't even unlock an iPhone. I'm pretty sure that invalidates each and every one of them.
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So what do you guys think about this debate going on?

For those who haven't heard, the FBI is trying to access the data on the iPhone belonging to the husband in the couple that shot up the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA.

If the FBI attempts to guess the passcode and gets it wrong 10 consecutive times, the data on the phone completely erases.

Apple refuses to do it because they say it will render all iPhones vulnerable to hackers, the government, and many others.

Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Apple vs. the FBI

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