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11-24-20 09:33 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - New Star Wars movie: "The Force Awakens"
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I've been starting at it, but with the move and stuff I haven't picked it up yet.

Saw the trailer for Rogue One... Elara likey.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Star Wars Rogue One's trailer is coming out tonight. Yeah, I know it's early, but I'm still pretty excited to see where its going.
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That would be cool too.

Anyone get the DVD/BD yet? I wonder what the extras are.
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Reading this thread I mention to my roommate Kaleb that there are Reylo shippers. His response was, "She's too much woman for him... no... he's too much woman for her!"

... I gigglesnorted.

I am in the camp of personally liking the idea of Rey being a Kenobi more than her being a Skywalker... but I honestly hope she is just some girl with no relation to either family in the end.
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I never liked to buy into it either, but I do find it easy to believe that Anakin perhaps just had a monstrous underlying affinity for the force, tons of untapped potential, but he wasn't in a good environment and couldn't master it correctly. The whole redemption arc of his story is something I love though. But yeah, "chosen one" is silly beans.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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There wasn't ever a father. I was actually Anakin's mom who first told Qui-Gon Jinn that there wasn't a father.

That said, it was sort of implied by Palpatine, and later explained in a now-non-cannon book that it was him and his master who created Anakin in order to use him as a pawn against the jedi.

Honestly though, I really don't like the idea of a "chosen one" always showing up to keep a balance between the force. Why wouldn't the Jedi, in all their thousands of years of existence, have heard of this before?
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Your last part makes me want to ask what's still a murky question in my mind, but do we know nothing of Anakin's father? The weird ideas that Palpatine planted him or he's some creation by the force is pretty out there. I forget if they ever reference a true father or not.

While I'm not all that excited about Disney milking the franchise with spinoffs (the Marvel schedule would suck...) I am pretty excited and interested in Rogue One. Maybe that will give us some details on filling the gap between III and IV. What I do love about it getting back to the old verse is that the Jedi elements are more mysterious and less again. That's one of the issues I kind of have with the prequels, it was just a bit overkill with lightsabers everywhere and such.
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"Hey, I know its like twenty bucks, but would you be mad at me if I bought Star Wars over this Comcast thingie?" -Best text ever from my fiancé, and I received it yesterday upon leaving a rather stressful doctor's appointment. And when I got home, his cousin surprised me with a two liter bottle of pepsi and two boxes of Gushers. Best day ever.

So after watching it a second time, I have to say that overall, I enjoyed it a whole lot more. I still stand by the idea that the rehash of "A New Hope" was necessary even moreso now than I did the last time. Could they have done without some of it? Sure. There was a lot of rehashing with no other point than to simply make the old fans smile (the chess game on the Falcon.) If "Jedi" was the last time we heard the Star Wars theme in theaters I would be a lot less patient with the repeat, but it wasn't…

As for the theories, I have to say that I'm impressed with a lot of them. The Kenobi theory? I agree with both Xeo and Vulkar on this one actually, so I'm content with this being true or not. The Obi-Wan I first met is exactly what Vulkar said…but the Obi-Wan brought to life by Ewan McGregor is the perfect bookend. Alec Guinness was fully fledged, fully experienced, knew who he was. Ewan McGregor was the beginning, the teenagers/younger adults we all were when we first met here. Unsure of ourselves, untapped potential but not quite got our sea legs yet in this world…and with how broken Obi-Wan was left at the end of III, he was nowhere near the man we met in IV. (The whole character of Obi-Wan is by far my favorite. He's definitely the reason why I can't hate the prequels. I even tried hating them just because there are things that even I know are bad and I didn't want to be blindly defensive due to nostalgia/love for the main title.) and it would make perfect sense for Obi-Wan to have had a one night stand at some point. We don't know much about him between III and IV…

Another theory I read though is that Rey is a reincarnation of Anakin. That the "chosen one" isn't so much one person and therefore nothing before nor after, but the chosen fulcrum to balance out for force for all of time. The more I think about it, the more its becoming a favorite theory of mine.
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Well, it just hit me that they both (Obi-Wan and Rey) have Euro-English accents (is there a term for that?). I never put that together until recently.

I kind of like that idea more because it would be a little different than her being another Skywalker, I guess. But upon a second viewing, there are a lot of allusions to this and then Luke's subtle reaction at the end. She was the last thing he wanted to see again, after losing Kylo to the dark side and all his padawans being slaughtered I guess, he wanted her as far away from the force as possible.

No idea though, but I'd be cool with either way.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I would be preeeetty crazy disappointed if she was. Honestly then I felt as though Obi-Wan represented what the jedi were supposed to be. He was a perfect jedi, with all of the strengths and weaknesses the jedi had. For him to have had a kid while he was on Tatooine would sort of ruin that.
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Anyone buying into the theory that Rey is a Kenobi?
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So…Professor Snape and Padme? I couldn't unsee it. XD

Oddly enough, the score "London Calling" from Into Darkness is amazing. Something good came from it at least?

Even with Kylo, there is just something…I don't know…"off" but I don't know if that's in a god or bad way yet. I'd like to see the next movie prove to be a revelation involving lots of intent behind Kylo's persona, in both the writing AND character's mind. I want to give it one more movie before I decide whether or not they never learned the "emo force wielder" isn't awesome lesson.

With Snoke, I agree, I'd hate to see him as the main orchestrator, but I would be more than willing to accept that he was somehow in existence. Someone who wouldn't need screen time wasted on brushing him up on the events of the past at least.
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Originally posted by Rogue
I'm just amused how much sexy Kylo Ren/Rey fanart exists. I mean, it seemed strongly alluded to that they could be related. This exists (NSFW!!).

Well... Luke kissed Leia pretty good in Empire.
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I'm just amused how much sexy Kylo Ren/Rey fanart exists. I mean, it seemed strongly alluded to that they could be related. This exists (NSFW!!).

Posts: 11060/11721
Good points that I mostly agree with Katana.

Again, some spoilers ahead:

- Kylo Ren was kind of a bitch, but hopefully develops as the movies go
- Third Death Star (basically) was lame and boring. It should have NOT blown up, that would have been more shocking and memorable. This was just so cliche. I hope we're done with Death Stars and just get huge space fleets from this point on or something.
- They are going to have to be very careful with Snoke. Right now, I'm intrigued. But obviously this guy has been in the background forever doing something, otherwise there's no way some weird mysterious evil dark side user like this could pop up randomly. If he's been pulling the strings the entire time, even on Palpatine, I will be extremely pissed. Palpatine is one of the best parts about the prequels and the entire plot of the whole movie saga in general, period. The ultimate manipulator that had fun sleeping right in the heart of the Jedi itself, willing to sacrifice his master and any pupil even up to Darth Vader near the end... Palpatine is hands down one of the coolest and most successful villains ever in my book. The same actor portraying him in Episode 6 and the prequels makes it even better. 30 some years in the making. You cannot take a dump on that with some random plot magic with this Snoke guy... so yeah, they better tread lightly and have some really good backstory about him.

Rogue: Into Darkness was SO BAD! lol, and the next one looks terrible too.

Did you guys know Finn's actor is Apocalypse? lol, weird.
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I wasn't too mad about the rehashing to be honest. I found it mostly necessary. I'm not too impressed with Snoke mostly. I definitely agree on this being a somewhat overdone thing on Abrams' part, but this time for me it wasn't even because of how many years between the original trilogy and this one. It was the time PLUS the fact that another trilogy was shown in between.

How these characters relate, however, is what I'm looking forward to seeing the most. I didn't feel Adam Driver's portrayal of an unstable character did anything for me. Yet there's a few things they can do with that in the future. I loved loved LOVED Daisy Ridley. I enjoyed Poe and Finn's screen time together the most though. I know there's so many memes surrounding these two but I genuinely enjoyed them on screen.

I wasn't impressed with the "Death Planet" but I AM impressed with the First Order. There's something real and relevant to them outside of the sphere of the film to make them just the right kind of eerie.
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Well, let's be honest. A LOT of it could arguably to called rehashes of things we've seen before. And let's face it, J.J. Abrams is beyond guilty of this in many other projects (eyes have still not finished rolling over "Star Trek Into Darkness.")

I wasn't all that intrigued by Kylo Ren, but I'm still really interested to see how his relationship/rivalry with Rey develops. I loved her. And I also ended up really liking Finn.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Where's Katana...

**raises hand** Right here! I dropped the ball on this discussion.

So, when we all agree it is acceptable to speak without worrying about spoilers, I would definitely give a more heartfelt opinion, but I'm very middle of the road with it.

I loved it but I'm in such a limbo that I'm more excited about the next one than I was about this one. I can but also can't entirely put my finger on it, but there were lots of things that I wasn't crazy about but then again, depending on what and where they go with those things, I could very well absolutely LOVE this one more. I hope that makes sense. Most of those sentiments are in regard to Kylo Ren. There was so much I just didn't like, but its also all totally redeemable, so I'm in eager anticipation of seeing what happens.

Side note: I found a lovely name for my daughter after seeing this one, so I'll never say it was all bad.
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FINALLY saw it. I already knew about most of the spoilers, but I still actually really dug it.
Posts: 9168/9699
I think it was awesome that they gave the guy his wish. Very classy indeed.
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - New Star Wars movie: "The Force Awakens"

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