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12-08-22 01:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Another Mass Shooting, Roseburg OR
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Two more shootings. Not to mention that nearly every local school has shut down at least once due to gun or bomb threats since Umpqua.
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I remember Columbine when I was in ninth grade. The next day, the idiots bullying me asked when I was going to do the same because I was the goth white girl.

I also agree with the President. This shit needs to stop. How have we become desensitized to this?! What is wrong with our society?!
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I was at campus a year or so back myself when a lockdown went down. Along with another friend who was stuck for hours longer. This and the theater shootings, it's truly nerve racking and seriously needs to end. Whatever approach they're doing right now is obviously not working.

Columbine was a huge one for our generation, but with it becoming just another one for the list by this point, just... ugh.
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No, it was much further north of me. Besides, all of my classes are online this term, thankfully.
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People ARE numb to it.

I was in middle school when Columbine happened in Colorado, and even then most people I knew weren't even fazed by the fact that it could have been our school or even the fact that kids were murdered.

Today's youth are much more numb to it, still of the mind that it could never happen to them, though shootings have become uncomfortably common.

Last year when my cousin's teenage daughter was performing in a musical for the Hollywood Fringe and we ended up touring the other plays in the festival, we ended up watching this terrible one about a school shooting. It had lines in it like, "The killer was wearing the uniform black trench coat." The killer turned out to be this geek girl that was into LARPing, Magic Cards, Star Wars, and so on. Still, when we got out of the theater all the kids were almost laughing about the subject (the bad acting didn't help), saying it's not even relevant to their time.

I was sort of worried about you, Nelrith. Wasn't sure where the shooting was or where you are right now, but all the same I hoped it wasn't your college or near you.
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This time, it happened in my state. I personally agree fully with what the president had said about what happened, and that we need more strict gun control/safety laws. It seems like every two months this kind of crap happens, and clearly, the gun nuts that are armed to the teeth haven't done a thing to help the situation.
Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Another Mass Shooting, Roseburg OR

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