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07-02-22 12:16 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Paris attacks and the ISIS situation
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Originally posted by rubmehard
not that you're any better, sir

also reCaptcha isn't very readable with black text on a black background, just saying

Welcome to the forum, sir! Feel free to introduce yourself in our New to the Board thread:

That said, we have a pretty strict policy when it comes to inflammatory remarks, just try to contribute more to the topic at hand in the future. That said, glad to see a new face, and welcome to the board!
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Originally posted by Termingamer2-JD
most of the people I know IRL, have not even traces of a brain.

not that you're any better, sir

also reCaptcha isn't very readable with black text on a black background, just saying
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ISIS could have been weaker, if the US hadn't kept funding and interfering with wars in other countries.

Not just being critical of the US though since I'm aware the shit that is the United Kingdom also does the exact same thing.

That's a thing I saw on vizzed and then discussed with someone from school who's rather knowledgable in politics and world-related stuff, compared to everyone else I know, but most of the people I know IRL, have not even traces of a brain.
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Yeah... if there has ever been a "You're doing it wrong" moment in real life, that was it.

On a total side note, I love that now we are seeing tons of pictures of the King of Jordan being a badass. Good for Jordianian morale, but otherwise not that big of an impact.
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Seriously, though, fuck ISIS.

I'm coming home yesterday and hearing on the radio about them burning alive that Jordanian pilot they've been going on about having for negotiations. Apparently they may have killed him a month ago in that fucking heinous fashion and were still trying to collect ransom. No wonder they kept saying if they got paid they'd still only release one of the Japanese prisoners, but keep him for some reason.

I really hope all of this is just unifying the hell out of everyone else, because this has gotten way too stupid on their part. I feel like Walter from "The Big Lebowski" shouting, "Fuck you ... Without a hostage there is no ransom. That's what ransom is! Those are the fucking rules."
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I am now picturing ISIS and the other groups in Girl Scout uniforms. This is amazing. Thank you, Rogue.

I have said Je Suis Charlie once, and I meant it in the spirit of the magazine... I believe it was when I posted the cartoonist response to the attack and how I felt it was a fitting memorial to the people that died. In fact that images you posted were among them, and I agree that the first one is perfect in showing who the attackers really hurt.
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I'd been listening to the stories as they unfolded, before and after work, on NPR.

As the Charlie Hebdo story happened, I was shocked. I mean, four founding cartoonists just dead. Along with the editor-in-chief, police that were guarding them...

Frankly, I haven't really developed an opinion. I have yet to utter, "Je Suis Charlie!" in solidarity. I think it's because most of the gut reaction I've seen in saying it is not necessarily a backing of the magazine, as it seems on the surface. Past the purely good intentions, it seems like a slogan with which to preface many people's Islamophobic sentiments. It's to the point that the so called other side is saying, "Je Suis Muslim!" and the French aren't happy with this "perversion" of it.

It all reminds me of our own grab for patriotism following 9/11 and the rampant paranoia and prejudice that developed in its wake. Watching the French, attacked in such a heinous manner and their own hate starting to foment as they deface mosques and so on feels a lot like watching Americans 13+ years ago.

Some cartoonists got it right in depicting the damage the shooters have really done, what with the shootings' secondary victim:

I heard another news story on NPR this week that more than half of the inmates crowding prisons in France are Muslim. MORE THAN HALF. Amateur video supposedly shows how under-maintained they are. The shooters apparently were in one of these facilities where they were radicalized by an imam inside. The thing is, why is the diversity within their prison system so disproportionate? It's like American prisons and our high population of African-Americans within.

All the same, I've found this cartoon uplifting: Lucille Clerc's drawing

Now, regarding ISIS, I'm not particularly well-read on these fools more than it seems other terrorist groups hate them just as much. Which for some reason got into my head this image of them all being rival Girl Scout troops trying to sell more cookies than the others and these kids (ISIS) are just the stuck-up ones able to blackmail the rich neighborhood houses to buy more of their Samoas.

Humor is a great weapon. It's not fair if you're only allowed to laugh at one thing, but not another.
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I must say that the overall showing of solidarity with France and with the magazine itself has been rather nice to see. It's not 100% sunshine and flowers, and there has been Islamophobic backlash, but for how high the Muslim population is in France, it is much lower than I would have expected.

I am fairly certain that ISIS is not something we are going to have to take on alone as a result of all this, which is good because I don't think one nation alone CAN handle them. Though, I think more of a message has been sent by the acts of peaceful solidarity than any rocket could... it shows that their terror tactics will not work.

In updated news, the attacks have actually done more to help Charlie Hebdo than hurt them. They did not shut down, nor did they stop being provocative. The first issue after the attack was a 3 million print run (the normally don't even do over 100,000 to my knowledge) and it sold out completely. The front page was their image of Muhammad crying, holding a sign that says "Je Suis Charlie" with the message "All is Forgiven"
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It definitely needs to be stopped. I agree with Cteno above on that situation though, don't want to jump to conclusions or move too quickly. But this threat seems more obviously global and I would hope that it's not just us who would combat this.
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It's hard to say what should be done. While I think that it's good that everybody is informed about these kinds of situations, the media is instilling more terror into people, like back on 9/11. The worst part about 9/11, aside from the attacks themselves, was how everybody panicked and how we handled the situation after it happened. I just hope we don't repeat those mistakes.
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So, unless you've been under a rock for the last week, I am sure you've heard of the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the subsequent attack at the Kosher market.

It would appear that all these terrorists have ties or were trained by ISIS in Syria. They have been gaining ground and strength despite air strikes by American and our allies. Now with this added complexity of terrorist activity tied to them in France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain in the last week... what do you think should be done?
Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Paris attacks and the ISIS situation

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