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05-20-22 08:08 PM
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Oh don't get me wrong, the acting is good. And I do like seeing the villains as they are gaining their power... but it just seems that so many of them are coming in way sooner.

I do love the actor they have playing the Penguin, I think he is perhaps the best thing on the show. I just hate how they have changed his backstory for no real reason. I think that is the main issue that I have with the changes... much like Katana said, there seems to be no reason and no payoff for it. It was just "Oh, we want to have Penguin, so lets toss him in there."

As for the Arrow... the scenes with him and his family are supposed to be awkward. He still doesn't quite know how to act around them and keep what he does a secret, and he was kinda gone for 5 years. I find it more humanizing.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I... honestly feel exactly the opposite of Elara. I actually really loved the first episodes for what it was, it seems like it's willing to be dark and portray all of these fantastic villains without the benefit of Batman to beat them up. I've enjoyed it so far.

But then Arrow... I know that this thread is about Gotham, not Arrow, but I just cannot stand any of the writing/acting of that show that isn't occurring while he's in costume. Like, every scene with him and his family feels awkward.

But Gotham, I feel like the acting is great, Penguin is very well done, and everything is just all around pretty fantastic.
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I very strongly do not want to hate it. I want to see something where the good guy isn't ultimately successful and the struggle and repercussions that come with it. "Gotham" could be the perfect entity for that, being as we all know, the city needs Batman someday.

With the various presentations of "Batman" I have experienced, I am okay with a little bit of backstory change, but in this case, unless they're hoping to make it and follow-up with either a badass season finale, or a lead-in to another live-action Batman series, I see less of a purpose for changing backstories. I'm not feeling the immediate gain from the changes and in this case, if its meant to never lead to more than just a prequel story, then the immediate pay-off is necessary.

I'm still giving it a chance, but I've DVR'd it rather than fussed over watching it when it comes on.
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Yes, Arrow is amazing, I totally recommend it. The Flash is looking pretty interesting as well.

But yeah... Gotham... it's like they have Gordon almost taking the place of Batman since they keep sprinkling in Batman villains. I do like how they have done the Penguin in terms of personality, but I am hating how they are changing backstories.
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I honestly haven't given it a chance at all, but just from the promotional pictures and trailers, it doesn't look interesting at all to me. lol

My friend tells me Arrow is amazing though.
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Ok... what are your thoughts on the new TV series, Gotham? Good, bad, indifferent?

I know it is only two episodes in, but so far, I am really not feeling it.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Gotham

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