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05-27-22 09:28 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Legend of Korra
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Every now and then, I re-watch this video. I get all sentimentally gooey watching it.


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Didn't get to season 3 yet, but part of me is excited that I can binge watch rather than hate myself for 6 days at a time for a few weeks. And I agree that its a lot more adult. I'm quite a fan of media that grows up with its original fanbase. The animation is stunning at times and...that soundtrack.

And I totally agree with Rogue. While I enjoyed the stakes much more in Season 2, I LOVED the eerie realism portrayed in Season 1. Even down to the spoiler tag Rogue posted, there was something terrifyingly real about it.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Been watching since they put the first episodes out online to see if they could generate interest before they started airing on Nick.

There are so many people who want to deny it's in the same canon with "Last Airbender," and those people need to suck it up and accept that Korra's an awesome chapter in this expansive world.

I also really dug the Equalists, as her first antagonist. I mean, people with bending abilities have an obvious advantage over those who don't, and it's not surprising to see benders turn to crime with other baddies out there like the Triple Threat Triad. The Equalists had a point.

Shame their leader was a fraud, but damn was Amon a great villain!

I love looking up Equalist propaganda fanart.

And YES, Korra is not really for kids. It is, but it really, REALLY isn't.
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Please tell me someone else watches this show. This fourth and final season is going to premiere TOMORROW.

In case you don't know what LoK is, let me explain. It's another Last Airbender cartoon from Nickelodeon. But, while the first is more for kids, this show has a lot more of an adult feel to it. There has been suicide, murder and actually really well-written villains and characters throughout the show.

LoK is canon with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but takes place in the future. Korra is the Avatar directly after the famous Aang, and instead of trying to fill his left behind legacy, she does things her own, very reckless way.

This is probably a terrible summary, but I highly recommend the show.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Legend of Korra

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