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09-28-22 04:02 PM
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Report Officer Boyd, demand to talk to his supervisor. If they don't help, demand to talk to THEIR supervisor. Be loud, don't let this go away. Point out that if that jackass doesn't get this report filed, and the worst should happen (your dad goes too far and causes some serious, irreversible damage or death) that the lawsuit and media uproar will be so harsh that they will rue the day they joined the force. Ask those organizations if they can help put pressure on the cops.
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Alert the media?

I mean, this could turn into another case like that boy that was tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend in Palmdale. No social workers came out to help and the media went apeshit pointing out it's another case of "falling through the cracks."

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We have contacted all of the above places and we have pretty much exhausted all of our resources at this point. Until Officer Boyd (the jackass who refuses to lift a finger in this situation) gets the police report finished, none of these places will help.
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Wow... just wow. I would contact that coalition and fast. In the meantime, change the locks, file for divorce and look for another place to lie low for a few days.

I knew that Oregon had issues with not punishing domestic abusers (Ben's mom watched her father beat her mother to death when she was a kid living in Portland back in the 50s)... but for it to be 2014 and hear that they have done something like that just disgusts me.

Here is what I found for Medford

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I just... I... ugh..

Would contacting the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence help? They're in Portland, but that was the first resource I found for your state.

Your state government's site has something about seeking temporary assistance for people in crisis.

I'm so sorry everything's so bad.
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So the judge threw out my mom's case and dropped her restraining order. He didn't even bother to look at the evidence and decided all by himself that she was making it up. My mom has a fractured trapezium and her sciatic nerve was bruised, among many other bruises. It turns out that the original officer, after he claimed to have put out a warrant for my father's arrest, didn't actually file his police report. So fuck yeah, incompetent police!

To make matters worse, right after I walked my mother back from the court thing, we come home to find out that dad unlocked and opened the door, just to prove that he could now. So, dad is able to come back into the house whenever he wants, the judge and cop that were supposed to help mom royally fucked up, and just because I had the gall to say that this day couldn't get any worse, my dog died.

Can I have a raincheck on life for a few weeks or something?
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*mega hugs*

If I could fly you to Pennsylvania, I would, just to get you out of there. At least for now you've got a place to stay, so that is better than nothing.

I've not had any luck finding a job in my field either. Trying for the full time wireless job at Sam's Club, but my manager is worse at procrastinating than we are!

Here is hoping we all run into some good fortune soon.
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I've had a pretty bad phone phobia for the last ten or so years, but I recently started talking on them again so that might not be such a bad idea.

This whole mess with my parents is making my head spin, but after two days of not being there, whether I have a home or not, I feel a lot more at peace and that's what I need to help with the anxiety of it all.
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What is this world we live in.

I don't even know what I'm doing with my life.

You don't have a cell Cteno? I wonder if you could somehow get one of those monthly phones or something.
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Me? Unemployed and been out of college for three years now. Can't find a paying journalistic job and everyone just wants you to "work for exposure." I've yet to get a callback for anything I've put in for this year with my last "jobs" having been blogging and podcasting for a friend's site and caretaking for my 90-year-old grandmother.

Heading up to Washington next month for another wedding is the one bright side I've been looking forward to lately. Once that's out of the way, I'll probably run to a temp agency.

Sorry life's been slamming you pretty hard these days, Cteno.
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Yeah, it's pretty balls right now. I slept over at a friend's last night, so definitely better than a park bench.

See, it's this kind of crap that makes finding a job particularly difficult. I hand out a few dozen resumes, they call my parents' house, I'm not there, I'm not even considered. I'm sick of all the damn waiting. I've been looking for work for nearly a year now, and the best that I've gotten was a temp job that has only given me three days of work since early June and the job as a KJ, which I've only worked once and will only work when Jenkins doesn't want to do it. Four days of work. This is ridiculous.


So how is everyone else?
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Very sorry to hear man... if you were near here too I'd offer.

Keep us updated if you will. We don't know all the details but if your family environment is completely toxic like that I'd say it's time to get far away and leave them behind.
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If you can somehow make it down to Southern California, you could stay here temporarily. Always welcome. I doubt that would quite help if you've got ties up there.

I'm so sorry to hear about your parental situation.
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I'm homeless all of a sudden. Woo.

So, the other night, dad beat up mom while I was away and he decided that it was an amazing idea to throw my rat cage outside (with my rats still in it). I came home, dad and I got into a fist fight, and the cops didn't do a damn thing except chastise my mother. Mom filed a restraining order against my dad today, and now I don't feel safe in that house at all, so I left and I have no intention of returning. Thankfully, I have an old laptop and really crappy wifi!

But seriously. I have no idea where I'm going to sleep tonight and I'm scared shitless of being mugged again.
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