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12-02-23 10:30 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri
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CORRECTION: He wasn't asking for the shirt for a job interview, but just so he could wear it to work, for some reason. Something about not having his work shirt, but being able to pay when he gets paid on Friday.

The whole turning it into black vs. Asian story just brings it all back to the L.A. riots of the early '90s, for me. People always think that was a black vs. white battle, but that's completely negating all the targeting done toward Koreans and other Asians (mostly because they were mistaken for Korean) and their businesses.

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Originally posted by Rogue
One of the people saying the looting was justified pointed out another Korean-owned business, saying they deserved it because they wouldn't let him take a new shirt to wear for a job interview without paying on the promise that he'd pay them back some day.

Holy shit...

Well, the mom bitch slapping her kid was amazing. More than likely saved his damn life.
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There were seriously different people being interviewed on NPR this morning who were saying the looting is justified as a right the people have to vengeance.

Hell, when they were interviewing one of the Korean business owners while she was cleaning her place up, you hear someone (sounded African-American male) shout, "You got anything?" and she tearfully says, "No, nothing!" and he answers back, "That's why they took everything! HAHAHAH!"

Yeah, I don't understand how that's supposed to be funny.

One of the people saying the looting was justified pointed out another Korean-owned business, saying they deserved it because they wouldn't let him take a new shirt to wear for a job interview without paying on the promise that he'd pay them back some day.

EDIT: Found the story on NPR's website.
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I honestly don't understand how the fuck this keeps happening. Does nobody learn? No one?!

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Both sides suck.
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Same story, different city. Baltimore has pretty much been looted to shit, at the moment.

Thoughts on all of these riots and insanity?
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It is sad when you cannot trust anything that the officials in Ferguson say because of the spin machine.
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Well, not quite.
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Supposedly, the official autopsy has leaked to the press saying that evidence shows it's more likely that Michael Brown was, indeed, reaching for the officer's gun.

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Honestly, I've been trying to stay away from getting my "coverage" off of Facebook. Elara's synopsis was perhaps the best to-the-point coverage I've read. Now, I'm about to sound like a bit of a bigot at first here, but I'm rather annoyed with the "race wars" being pointed out, especially on social media sites like Facebook.

"This isn't the first time. What about Trayvon Martin?"

"Oh yeah? What about that black lady that killed a little boy with a blow torch."

And so on and so forth. If this IS a race war, to be honest, I'm not too sure I want a truly colorblind society to begin with. What about culture, art, and all of the beautiful things in what makes us different? They're making a movie of it now, but I always imagined the book "The Giver" as a kid, when I heard people talk about a colorblind society. Both literally and figuratively. If we can achieve a society in which people aren't persecuted for their cultural difference, that part will be nice...What does that have to do with these specific current events? Nothing, except to address some inner fuming of mine over the people who are avoiding the facts and running their mouths over races and who did what worse. Look through a history book! We ALL suck, but we're all capable of making it better through future generations as long as we learn from the past.

Now for the past week I've lived under a rock so to speak. Has any new information been released? Last I heard was something about the National Guard going in?
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I am not even sure exactly what I just watched.
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So you guys might have seen this one floating around on FB from Switzerland...
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What I know:

An 18 year old man named Michael Brown was shot six times by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Conflicting reports exist on just what happened, but it is universally agreed that he was unarmed.

The officer has not been brought up on charges yet, though a Grand Jury convenes tomorrow to decide if he will. He has been allowed to leave the state in the meantime.

Anger over inaction has sparked protests by people that want justice. They were met by police in full riot gear.

There have been looters and rioters. The protestors have tried to make these people leave, but they continue to cause problems.

Ferguson is a majority black community that has a majority white police force. This is not the first time that there have been complaints of racial problems in the city.

Media have been detained, harassed, had guns pointed at them and their lives threatened. On camera.

After several days of protests, the Governor relieved Ferguson PD of duty, letting St. Louis PD and the State Troopers take over. Curfew installed and problems continue.

Amnesty International sends observers to watch for human rights violations during the protests. This is the first time they have ever done so inside the United States. Ever. They were kicked out after tear gas started flying last night.

I watched live coverage of the events last night, the first night after the curfew was lifted... and it was surreal to watch. I just thought, "This isn't Gaza, this isn't Ukraine, this is fucking Missouri!"

The agitators are making it worse by provoking the cops. The cops seems to be deliberately taking actions to provoke the agitators and the protestors. Anonymous is stirring up trouble while trying to help, but it really isn't making it better.

Both a private and federal autopsy have been done and had results released while the initial autopsy by the coroner has not been released.

Police have released several videos trying to justify the killing. They released a video claiming Brown had just robbed a store... but it just shows him buying stuff and leaving, and the store itself doesn't say he stole anything. Now they are claiming he charged the cops, despite witness testimony to the contrary.

My thoughts:

This whole thing is insanity. The cop should be indicted since enough evidence indicated that he had no reason to to shoot Mr. Brown (let alone six times). The protestors need to find other ways to make themselves heard, and those who are adding to the chaos need to realize that doing things like throwing bottles at cops is NOT helping.

At the same time, having our police officers armed like the army in a hostile military zone is NOT helping. When you already have tensions with the community, treating them like criminals for holding signs and protesting is only going to make them violent. Instituting a no fly zone over the town isn't helping, and threatening the media while on live television is helping even less!

Today, Officer Rob Johnson, the State Trooper in charge of the police response, asked protestors to limit their actions to daylight hours in order to prevent the agitators from hiding among them in the cover of darkness. I don't know if it would help or not.
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Basically what you guys are saying... I'm still not sure what to think of it all, but everyone on both sides are just making it worse.
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Originally posted by Kard Ayals
And looters. Fuck looters.

Hear fucking hear, sir. They do nothing but make the situation worse for everyone.
Kard Ayals
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Everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE is pretty much jumping the gun.

There are two very conflicting stories, and people are very quick at taking a side.

And looters. Fuck looters.
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All right.

I'm not going to post an article or sources.

Tell me what you know and what you think of it. Off the top of your head.

Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri

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