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06-04-23 06:59 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Godzilla
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Well, one of my friends joked that Superman got more people killed in Man of Steel. I laughed.
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Yeah, I kinda had the same feeling about that. I was like, "Oh they look like the Cloverfield monster... and now they are dead. Good!" *insert Grumpy Cat*

Also, when Godzilla rises up right next to the school bus on the bridge my thoughts were immediately, "Godzilla is friend to children."

... I have problems.
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On the other hand, the way I look at it is that Cloverfield obviously sucked, the monster design was lame, etc...

So here was Godzilla killing it. GOOD ENDING!

Apparently a sequel is already in the works? haha. Wonder how they'll keep this going.

But yeah I totally thought this was pretty faithful to some of the old ones. The format itself was even point on, a lot of the old ones have that same slow buildup with drama and don't really show the big fight until the end.
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From all the reading, I guess it is supposed to be Rodan, but they couldn't get the rights from Toho or something.

...why there are two of them? Well, I dunno.
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I thought that exact same thing, and I'm just going off the preview stuff they showed at WonderCon (which was when he first comes out of the water to when he starts fighting the one we see over the tram track).

Yeah, I definitely felt like he was another version of the Cloverfield monster, which was a bit irritating since I can't stand Abrams and how he thinks he's such a genius creating an American monster movie monster.
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I enjoyed it and thought that it was done very faithfully to the originals. Anyone else notice that the M.U.T.O.s looked like the Cloverfield monster?
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Whaaaaaaaaaat, that final kill!

I don't know, most of the other movies build up like this. I didn't see much of a difference.
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I really didn't care for it. A complete misunderstanding of how to build up tension led to a really underwhelming climax.
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Dayuuuuuum, it was top notch. They didn't overthink anything either, "Let them fight!" It was definitely faithful to the original movies. Quite the spectacle, the soundtrack was different than the generic stuff out thesedays, and yeah. It was amazing.
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You're seeing him right as they're closing doors and his mouth looks like the T-rex's. I got the same feeling.

I saw a few clips of it at WonderCon this year. I'm not a big Godzilla fan, but I'm actually really interested in seeing it just for the general enjoyment and the fact that it's one of those moments in geek history.
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I don't know why but the trailers give me Jurassic Park vibes.

I am STOKED. Seeing it tonight, hope it delivers!
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Godzilla

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