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12-04-23 08:48 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Is your weather drunk?
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It's been raining here, which is leaving a lot of people confused and upset. Hah.

Played in the snow today following the blizzard that tore through the area.

California weather has been lit.
Posts: 11914/11918
Y'all, it's been HOT and it's supposed to be fall. We got surprise rain for ONE day a couple weeks ago, but then it's been 90 degrees.
Posts: 11867/11918
Originally posted by The Accidental Protege
Been shifting between 35 in the day, and 2 at night. All over the place. I'm kinda over it.

I would LOVE some actual fucking cold here. Jesus, is it even winter? It's been HOT. We ran the A/C and half the house was complaining it was freezing.

Seriously, people in Southern California lose their shit over temperatures below 70. My co-workers would literally say it was FREEZING in 68 degrees.
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 2638/2641
Been shifting between 35 in the day, and 2 at night. All over the place. I'm kinda over it.
Posts: 11858/11918
Originally posted by Mei Koyoki
It's all over the place again. Just as always what with being in the UK.

I've spent most of the last year watching nestcams for owls in North Yorkshire. It seems to rain at least once a week on average, sometime ALL week. You have no idea how envious I've been, here in always-on-fire Southern California.
Posts: 11857/11918
First day of winter yesterday and it was hot as fuck coming out of my house. I had on a sweater and a hat and it was stifling sitting in the car, waiting for the A/C to kick on.

I could feel my skin burning the other day, hanging lights for my mom. I'm sweating my face off and then walk back into the house where the heat is blasting because Mom's "freezing."

Kard Ayals
Posts: 2891/2915
Bunch of snow here since yesterday, which might be the earliest snow removal ever for this city (considering we're used to having snow... that's surprising).

Two weeks ago was a day with 100+km/h gusts of wind. This winter is gonna suck.
Posts: 3409/3409
39° in the morning, mid 60's during the day, and some of the craziest wind I've seen in Oregon in my lifetime over the past couple weeks, and now it's been lovely for three days. I don't know what to expect anymore, even though I'm used to the seasons suddenly shifting forward and back midday (90° day when suddenly it snows for a week straight).

Nowadays though, we're getting a ton of wind and wind like this isn't normal. I'd expect rain and thunderstorms, but that was this year's summer weather, which is also strange (one, mayyyybe two is normal).

I want my normal crazy weather back.
Posts: 11816/11918
I can't agree more. It's been absolute bullshit these days. It's stiflingly hot midday after I've had to scramble for a coat and scarf in the morning and then it's dark at 5.
Posts: 9685/9733
I am personally over the 30-40 degree fluctuations lately. 45 degrees in the morning shooting up to the high 80s by, like 11am? Summer needs to stop filling in for Fall when it is drunk.
Posts: 11811/11918
It's been so humid this entire summer. We may as well be fucking Florida.

Last night, I'm working and sweating my face off even just standing around. I ended up so friggin' dehydrated at midnight.
Posts: 11652/11750
Yep, snowed again this weekend. Been ready for this winter to end since forever.
Posts: 11769/11918
Jesus fucking Christ, it's been all over the map this week. It's SNOWED in parts of Los Angeles. I keep having to leave the car running because it's entirely iced over every morning.

Then it was hot as shit today.
Posts: 11650/11750
More freezing rain expected tomorrow... but luckily the temperature is rising a bit so this junk is melting. I hope this is the last snowfall of this winter, it's been a pain. Very thankful I got new tires in November... they've been put to a lot of use this season.
Posts: 11765/11918
It's been cycling between rain and cold here.

I have people visiting from Edmonton, Canada right now and they're just happy they're able to go outside and not see snow. It's been below 0 where they're from, so whenever we've been eating outside, my husband and I are freezing and the Canadians are sitting there like it's nothing.
Posts: 137/155
Really windy and it rained heavily on the way home from college yesterday.
Posts: 11756/11918
It's been really cold here. I know we're all going, "Well, yeah, it is Winter!" but I swear it's colder than usual. Then again, here I am complaining about walking around in 40 degree mornings whilst the middle of the country is literally frozen.

On another note, I took my clients on an all-day trip to the L.A. County Natural History Museum and my co-worker threw a fit saying it was too cold to eat outside and took some of the clients and sat in the stuffy cafe. It was 67 degrees out.
Posts: 11731/11918
It's been so cold and windy on night's we've gone out. I've been recovering from a cold for days now. It'll feel like it's gone and then I'll be out in the frigid wind and suddenly my runny nose and icky throat are back. Uuuugh....
Posts: 11616/11750
The weather has been super wacky here too for sure. Finally dropped down to below 20's the other night but I think it's warming back up to the 40's tomorrow. And cue my allergies and sleep being messed up because of the shifts.
Posts: 11730/11918
It was almost literally freezing at night this week. Of course no one's letting us turn on the heat.

Still, a few days ago, when it was 70 degrees I overheard two women complain it was chilly.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Is your weather drunk?

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