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11-29-23 07:27 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - So anyone get a new console?
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- Did anyone here upgrade?
- Was it worth it?

I feel like I could still maybe give it a few months before I sink. Maybe I'll just wait for Bloodborne...
Posts: 10505/11750
I still need to hit up KH1-2.

But I'm hopeful for FFXV.
Posts: 26/31
I haven't really bought a new console yet, because lack of new games. I still have fun with my old Playstation systems and Nintendo DS and even my old Wii.

I WOULD buy a Wii U in due time though, that seems the more convincing for me to get over the other games, at least until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. XD
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I have a hard time getting into it because of how slippery the platforming feels in comparison to Super Mario World, my favorite Mario platformer.
Posts: 10438/11750
lol, I did beat New Super Mario Bros U recently. I'll have to hit up the Luigi expansion sometime.

Overall I liked this NSMB way more than the DS and Wii games, but it definitely wasn't on the 3D World level heh.
Posts: 3240/3409
With the lack of games, I guess last year really WAS the year of Luigi! *badum pish*
Light Knight
Posts: 3/11
Another Wii U user here. I really am not interested in either of the other two for now... maybe in time when they have games I want, but for the most part I can get them on the PC. For Wii U, I'm looking forward to Super Smash Bros. and finding out what the new Zelda will be like.

In the mean time, Pikmin, Zelda WW is keeping me busy. I'm contemplating getting a Arkham or Assasin's creed game.

I really hope the Wii U does a little better this year. I think it will if it's starts putting out more games.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2850/2915
Originally posted by Cteno
I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I'm in the same boat. The Steam sales always destroy my wallet and I've only touched a fraction of my library.

And when you're bored, you still manage to think "gah, I have no game to play".

I know the feeling.
Posts: 3234/3409
I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I'm in the same boat. The Steam sales always destroy my wallet and I've only touched a fraction of my library.

Feels bad, but maybe with all of the bazillions of dollars that we throw Gaben's way, he just might hire a Harvard professor to teach him how to count to three.
Posts: 10429/11750
Yeah I've probably played and beaten like 10-20 out of the 100+ games I own on Steam.

Damn those sales...
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2843/2915
Originally posted by Xeo
So yeah that'll keep me busy for awhile, still a ton I need to hit up.

Same. There's plenty of last gen's stuff I haven't played at all, but need to.

I also have about a gazillion games on Steam that I need to finish, so I guess that's another reason why I'm not in a hurry to touch this new gen.
Posts: 10421/11750
I've decided I'll just never really be much of a PC gamer. I build this epic rig last year and didn't even finish a single PC game, haha.

I was mostly 360 through last gen, but last year jumped on the PS3 full time and haven't looked back. So yeah that'll keep me busy for awhile, still a ton I need to hit up.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2838/2915
Honestly, none of the new consoles really interest me right now. I own every consoles from the last generation, including the big handhelds (i.e: PS Vita and 3DS), and I'm just not as hyped about the new stuff.

I still keep up with PC gaming, though.
Posts: 10414/11750
... are you serious? Holy burgers, never knew that.

Not sure how I feel about it now, haha. I'm way more a Battlefield kind of guy over Halo/CoD. I dug the arena styled shooters back in the day, but for new stuff I definitely prefer long range combat, massive teams, big maps, and yeah.

Either way, Destiny is what I'm most excited for FPS wise. Injecting some uniqueness out there I hope.
Posts: 3228/3409
A lot of people instantly gave up on Titanfall after it was announced that the maps would only support 6v6 gameplay. I personally don't mind this, but come on, it's 2014 -- consoles should at least be able to support 32v32, like PCs did back in the early 2000's.
Posts: 10408/11750

I am so sad this is not coming to the PS4!
Posts: 3225/3409
FFXIV is great. I haven't been playing it due to not being able to afford the subscription, but as soon as I can, I'm going back. As long as you can make a few friends in game, it's amazing. Kinda lonely otherwise, however.
Posts: 3575/3649
WiiU is next on the list. My boyfriend got the PS4 at launch, but more Netflix has been going on with that machine while his dad plays CoD on it when we're not using it. Like you all have been saying, not that much of a library just yet. We're contemplating getting into FFXIV though. My nieces have a WiiU though and it is glorious.
Posts: 10388/11750

Wii U is looking awesome though.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4360/4540
Yeah, it did, but so did half of my favorite games, haha. Besides, I don't really play enough of those games to be annoyed at quick-time events yet. I hear that and I'm pretty much okay.

Either way though, my point stands, neither of these consoles have much yet.
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - So anyone get a new console?

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