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01-16-21 10:44 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Who's Sick?
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Posts: 11855/11860
I've been consuming Coldeeze whenever I feel that slight bit of sore throat. Every time I walk up with one I worry that it could be the beginnings of COVID.
Posts: 11828/11860
The fucking news is ridiculous. And I'm going crazy from anxiety attacks left and right.

I'm more worried that if I did end up getting anything, it would spread to my mom, who's over 70 and with a compromised immune system.
Posts: 9693/9704
So this is a new one... picked up a rapid-onset cold on Saturday and today my ear is stuffed up. It kinda started like swimmer's ear and upgraded to full "I've just been on a plane and now my ears won't pop" level of annoyance. So far it is just my left ear, thankfully... but it is impacting my work for sure since it's still hard to focus when I can only hear in one ear.
Posts: 11823/11860
Been sick for much of this week, but it hit hard enough to finally keep me home the last couple days. I still went out to do a four-hour shift at the park, but my head was throbbing and felt so freaking heavy and then I was coughing all night. They wouldn't let me go home early since we were so short-staffed.

Posts: 11801/11860
It ended up being hand-foot-and-mouth. I've been sick every frigging week of this month and haven't had a full week of work at all in August.

I had that swollen throat and uvula, then the disease for a week (had to give away all of my shifts at my second job) and then I ended up with a cold from working a convention for one of my jobs all of last weekend.

To answer your question, Elara, as far as I know I've never been tested for allergies. Going to the dermatologist this coming week, though, for a follow-up on my disease.
Posts: 9683/9704
I can imagine that working where you do, you are exposed to a plethora of germs. My throat has been scratchy as well, though... I think it is something pollen or allergen related.

The rash, I dunno. Have you ever had an allergy test?
Posts: 11799/11860
I've been suffering from a swollen throat off and on for weeks. Went to the doctor right away and all they could do was tell me it wasn't strep and to just gargle salt water. It subsided, but it's back again.

I've also developed this really bad rash in my upper thighs that I'm not sure is an allergy to our soap or my sweat or what. Hurts like a motherfucker just to try to walk or sit or lay down sideways and move my legs. Uuuuugh...
Posts: 11790/11860
Christ, I've been munching on Coldeeze like they were candy. There's SO MUCH open mouthed coughing and uncovered sneezing right near me EVERY DAMN DAY. It's ridiculous. Every time I feel that little tingle in my throat or pain when I sneeze, I feel that anxiety that I'm going to get sick AGAIN.
Posts: 3403/3409
Had a sore throat last weekend, allergies since late April. This dogwood doesn't take any prisoners.
Posts: 11782/11860
And I'm sick for the second time in a month. Had to take three days off from my day job this week, two of them unpaid since I don't have enough PPL.
Posts: 11620/11726
Same, my throat is starting to bug me a bit... ugh.
Posts: 11732/11860
Been trying to shake a cold for more than a week now, but the cold wind and our drafty room aren't helping.
Posts: 11683/11860
I would kill for rainy weather around here. Jesus, our air is either thick with humidity, smog, or smoke at any given moment this summer. We need it to clear out so bad.
Posts: 11570/11726
Wow, I just called in today and yesterday myself.

Rainy weather's been killing me!
Posts: 11682/11860
Called out for the second day in a row because I have a cold. I must have caught something while at the Oddwood show on Friday night, because I rarely catch anything at work any more since my immune system is now built to take them.
Posts: 11662/11860
I keep having these half-colds, wherein I just feel like I'm about to get sick, but it doesn't take full hold. So I'm just at work feeling like shit all the time.
Posts: 9591/9704
The boyfriend and I both came down with mild colds... his is worse in terms of runny nose... but still sucks.
Posts: 11529/11726
Yeah I was probably crazy sick for 5 days. Two weeks later I'm STILL having weird stomach/appetite inconsistencies though... hopefully it subsides eventually but if not I think I'll have to see a doctor, hopefully it's not some weird long lasting infection or something.

I had a lower hernia repaired with surgery... can you get yours fixed? Not that it's fun. It was like a month of recovery for mine.
Posts: 11595/11860
Hope you've been feeling better, Xeo.

I've had a cold for a couple weeks now, though it's only been attacking my nose and throat. Every morning is shitty.

On top of that I've been having troubles with eating. I feel like I'll get done eating a reasonable-sized meal and then feel overly stuffed and like I'm either going throw up or I'm in serious pain. Just yesterday I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and then immediately had acid reflux for most of the day and coughed up stomach acid in the bathroom sink.

I'm hoping this isn't more than my (doctor suspected but not tested for) hiatal hernia acting up.
Posts: 11520/11726
Got some food poisoning, stomach bug, or some 24 hour thing at the most I hope...

Threw up twice today, first time in like 25 years. Wasn't fun, but I felt a lot of relief. I've been getting shivers/sweats though so I'm worried this is leading into more issues. Been feeling awful for about 11 hours today so far... but I was finally able to get out and run to a gas station for some 7up, always seems to ease stomach issues for some reason.

Ugh... I hope I'm almost done with this.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Who's Sick?

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