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12-04-23 08:58 AM
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Indeed he is.

Honestly, that anger is a good thing because you can use it to fuel your efforts to find a better job elsewhere. That dipshit chose his buddy over you, which frees you up for his competitors.
True Flight
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I just don't want to go through the crap because of that. Because it was on the first 90 days.

Did you know that the manager had the gall to ask my team leader how I was doing? Seriously?! WTF... this guy is fucked up.
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Nepotism is illegal if you can prove it, and it sounds like you were fired for no good reason at all. You want to take a step in the right direction, talk to a lawyer about filing for wrongful termination against that asshole.

The other stuff was out of stress. Do some meditation, remind yourself that you are better than some asshole who thinks he can push you around like that, and let it all go out of your mind so that you can refocus on the shit that is important right now.

You know we all believe in you and think you're more than up for this challenge. You know that you can do it as well. Like Rogue said, tis merely a stumbling block. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep kicking ass.
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I'm sorry, True.

Consider it a stumbling block on your way to success, and you've still got your sweet, little baby (or is she a toddler now?) to cheer you up and be motivation to get climb back on your steed and kick ass.
True Flight
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So sorry for being gone for so long. So this is sad and embarrassing, but I have been terminated from my broadcast engineering position after 5 weeks of working. I'm going to be honest, yes I did screw up, but that was expected. What wasn't expected was the fact that my manager who did it was so unprofessional around me and a big bully. He literally started having conversations about firing me and hiring one of his buddies who got laid off with him. I was rather well.. upset by this. I got the heart palpatations from the job when I started to notice a change in his behavior. How he would never talk to me or even include me in on conversations.... So as soon as I was fired, the next day I had my two weeks of military orders.

I was rather upset during those two weeks. My team leader took me off of the number 2 slot, because I was "depressed" in his eyes. To be honest, I got fired doing what I love and what I do in the military. Anywho... I got everything together and just kept bottling everything in while I was away for those two weeks. Then I fried my computer. Yeah... fun times. I was confronted by both my team leader and the new number 2. Fun stuff... Apparently I made a huge NO NO in the basics and fundamentals. I told them to just leave me alone. I didn't want to deal with it anymore.

Sunday my team leader takes me back into the office and tries to pull out any of my thoughts. I got up, screamed, cried, punched walls, punched desks, kicked doors, and much more. I told him that I couldn't handle all that crap at once. Pretty much all of my bottled up feelings came out.

I still cry to this day about this. How the hell am I going to get back on that horse when no one will let me.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Facing Reality

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