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05-15-21 01:28 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - What did we do to piss off the sun?
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Man, can I identify with that. The A/C conked out in our Supra and it's hell if anyone has to sit in the back.

Riding around in Stitch's minivan is similarly bad if you have to sit in the rear seats. No extra vents back there and the driver and front passenger get all the cool air. It was difficult to even exist sitting in the back in Vegas.
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Black Honda Civic with no AC.

I'm definitely not going another summer like this. I need to get freeon in there soon.
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Fuck it, bumped.

In Vegas this weekend, it was OPPRESSIVELY hot. Going outside was bullshit and you have to take a cab to go few blocks because they have the pedestrian routes all fucked up, looping into and out of casinos, and there's so many people. Paid $10 to go to Caesar's Palace, a mile away because it would have taken a couple hours. Fucking serious.

And it was staying over 90 degrees at night.
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Walked on the beach today and now I've got second degree burns on my feet. Never had those before. Terrible sunburns on my shoulders too.

I've never burned my feet so bad before.
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Yeah, it's been pretty shitty here too. Riverside and San Bernardino are getting all this rain and we're just getting heat and humidity. Where's our rain?!
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It is SO HOT today... with 91% humidity!!

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Originally posted by Cteno
It's gotta be something else.

Amaterasu came out of her cave, then?
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Hades tried to return Persephone, but being a bearer of a COMP, I recruited her for my team. It's gotta be something else.
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That YOU know of, lol.

So the weather here has been sorta nice lately. We did have a small stint yesterday though where it rained for five minutes, then the sun came out and the heat jumped by ten degrees and it got super humid... hour later it was back to being nice.
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But I'm not Greek o-O
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Benja: It's a reference to Greek myth.
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I'm fond of Rogue's answer.

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Oh oh! Is it story time?! Lemme get the popcorn!
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Well, it all goes back to that time I kicked a Koopa shell into it...
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I wish I understood what you guys were taking about.....
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I love that response
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Hades returned Kore? Well, she'll be back with him soon enough and the world will go cold with Demeter's grief.

... I dunno.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Being from North Carolina?


It gets over a hundred with 100% humidty here on a regular basis, you guys must be dying up there...but that's not as bad for me as last year, where I was on a bike in 115 degree weather. Heh, there was a fun time when I got into a car and it said that it was 155 degrees inside.

Wonderful stuff. I'm going to go spray some more aersol cans now!
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Superman recently upgraded it so he could charge faster.

The humidity is worse around here, Elara. No idea why. I actually just had a friend come up from North Carolina and swore it was hotter here than she had ever experienced.
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Is there a way we can tell them to stop it?
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - What did we do to piss off the sun?

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