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09-29-22 06:54 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - 300: Rise of an Empire
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And lens flare?

Oh... wait... this isn't a J.J. Abram's movie.....
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I think that the trailer would have been cooler if it had more slow motion.
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It caught my attention. My body is ready.
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I dunno, this trailer just did not catch my interest at all.
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I completely know where you're coming from, and while I object to many anchronistic films/books regarding various time periods (I just went through this with Immortals yesterday), Snyder's films are one of my addictions (even though he only wrote and produced this one since he was busy directing Man of Steel).

Oh my god, watching the midnight release of the first 300 in IMAX was like a religious experience.
Posts: 8428/9728
Well, I am interested in seeing Queen Artemisia at the very least... though I have to say that I once again cry at the desecration of my favorite period of history.
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At long last the sequel to 300 has arrived.

Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - 300: Rise of an Empire

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