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06-25-22 10:36 AM
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"I Saw the Sign" and misinterpreting those lyrics. Getting my ass beat for slipping up and in front of adults, saying the "and then they'll kick your ayayayayayayaaaassssss" (ass) part of the Flyers' fight song that was really a rip off an Off-Spring song.

When the Flyers went to the Cup and we still had our Legion of Doom boys.

John LeClair. Ron Hextall.

Watching Xena, Hercules and Baywatch with my mom.

My bad ass pool. And like Sorcha posted, Lisa Frank and butterfly clips.

I didn't know too much about 90's music until the Boy Band era due to the fact that no one in my household mentally left the 80's.

I miss running home from school for Sailor Moon, then I'd get my math homework done and then rewarded myself with DBZ. By then my brother-in-law would be home and I'd get him to watch a 90's kung-fu movie, "Mortal Kombat", "Warriors of Virtue", "Three Ninjas", "Power Rangers" you name it...and then we'd practice those sweet moves, and then I'd get my ass beat for trying them out for real on my sisters.

Life was pretty sweet. The little kid in me is stoked we have Hextall back as our GM though. To me its like "Hmmm...what was your favorite part of the 90's that you would die happy if it came back?" and I'm now able to respond "I'd die with a smile now."
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Hot Topic was good and not this trendy bullshit.

And I actually liked Grunge.

But yeah... the music was 50/50... bands like Marilyn Manson were putting out much harder stuff and pop music was annoying but it wasn't porn on stage.

Cartoons were so much better (Daria!!). At least American cartoons were. And I am in total agreement with sci-fi being relevant (and the Sci-Fi channel was spelling their name right instead of appealing to morons that can't spell).

Reality television was limited to talk show drama and MTV's "The Real World" and that other show with the RV. Oh my gods, I would give anything to have that be the way it is again!
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The more time that passes, the more I wish I could be back in the '90s. Argh, I'm becoming exactly like those old people who wish it was the '80s, '70s, and so on again.

I've also been watching an ungodly amount "Living Single" all the time now. That was another of my favorite shows back in the day, that now seems to have found cable channels to regularly air it now (Logo, TV One, Oxygen, etc).

Originally posted by Xeoman
Dinosaurs were everywhere.

Indeed they were. I remember all the paleontology stuff EVERYWHERE when "Jurassic Park" came out and I loved it all.

It also felt like there were far more bookstores back then. The malls in this area and now totally devoid of them, and my favorite independent shops closed up before the change of millennium.

True Flight
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and these:
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Originally posted by X
I DON'T MISS Eminem, grunge, and just about all mid to late 90's mainstream music.

While I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly... it is still a million times better than the crap on the radio today. Seriously, there is something definitely wrong with Nicki Minaj, both her "music" and her as a person. I think she's an alien, and not the kind that's from Tijuana.
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Nostalgia is a powerful force indeed...

Technology is definitely a love/hate thing for me. I don't miss dial up a damn bit, or massive hilariously bulky devices. At the same time, it was nice when not everyone and their dog had cellphones and were FORCED(?) to make conversation with people in break rooms and stuff. Never see anything like that anymore. I'm guilty as charged myself, but what can you do.

Multiplayer / split screen gaming. Nuff' said.

Gaming was more niche' and awesome.

Badass action heros with explosions arms always saved the day.

Cartoons were good.

Sci-fi was relevant.

Dinosaurs were everywhere.

Here's a good one, the experience of renting movies.

I DON'T MISS Eminem, grunge, and just about all mid to late 90's mainstream music.
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Playing on my SNES, renting movies, and coming across the stray dirty magazine is about all I can remember.
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So... what were you into in the 1990s?

I keep finding myself reminiscing about that decade. (Yes, I'm aware this makes me sound old).

Anyway, like the original question posed, what did you love in that decade?

I was deeply in love with the action/adventure shows like Hercules and Xena (the subject of my first ever fan convention when I was 13), as well as Star Trek: Voyager, Brisco County Junior, and cartoons like Extreme Ghostbusters.

And of course there was always The Simpsons and King of the Hill.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - The '90s

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