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08-17-22 08:41 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - So Tired of Felicia Day/A Rant about the King of Geeks
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True Flight
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This is true. Morgan Webb is self proclaimed, BUT to me she is FAAAAR more attractive. Joss Whedon........ nuff said.

However after playing one of the Sura quests in GW2... I didn't feel like I was hearing nails being scraped on the board when I heard Felicia Day's voice. To be honest, it matched those tiny little creatures perfectly.

Personally I payed more attention to The Glass House than King of Nerds.

Thanks for the move btw. I was about to pm you about that. lmao.
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You know, I went into King of the Nerds expecting it to be really exploitative and built around derision of its subjects, but it really wasn't. I was pretty surprised.

That being said I only ended up watching a few scattered episodes.
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All geek icons have their flaws. I like Felicia Day and Joss Whedon. Are they the be all, end all? No. No one is.

And that show... I cringe even calling it a show... I refuse to even watch it and I feel bad for any self-described nerd or geek that auditions for it.
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Originally posted by Sorcha Rohan
Felicia Day is no Morgan Webb.

Morgan is a self-proclaimed "goddess;" Felicia was elevated to that position by obsessive fans.

But then it's sad that geek women need to be torn down and overly analyzed. It's tough enough for women to be taken seriously in any field, geekdom included.

But then there's Olivia Munn...

EDIT: You know who I'm sick of? Joss Whedon.

He's no god to me, fanboys.
True Flight
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Felicia Day is no Morgan Webb.
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OK... King of the Nerds was bullshit. I watched a few episodes here and there (three overall), and while I've been inundated by friends sending me the casting info, I've already declared to them that I have NO interest in auditioning.

Anyway, the whole show and the notion behind it is just irritating.

As for the comments about Felicia... well, I'm not about to white knight for her, and everyone's entitled to their opinion.

All the same, go, Felicia, for creating her own corner of the geek world.
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I'm sorry, I loved The Guild it was one of my favorite web series, but it got annoying when Codex just continued her fidgeting and what not. It's like she's the "Bella" of our geek kingdom. I'm not one to rant, but I just can't stand the fact that so many people put her on a pedestal. If you turn around and say something "bad" about her, you get the shit white knighted out of you. It's like she has the biggest case of GOTIS(Girl on the internet syndrome), but she doesn't mean to be, it's just the white knights around her. I totally agree with this blog that nightxade wrote about her:

Felicia Day is not my poster girl

Felicia Day is not my poster girl
Since this entry is actually not about praising geekdom’s princess, I had better get my disclaimer out of the way in case this post be found by the mob and my life be made forfeit.

It's not that I dislike Felicia Day or her work. I liked The Guild initially, but grew bored – mainly with her character – and was very unimpressed with the subsequent comics. I don't care much for her contributions to Dragon Age, but I can't fault her for injecting her own headcanon and fanfic into something she loves. Okay, I suppose I'm not overly fond of her work, but if I had the money and influence, I'd be all over turning my fantasies into reality, too. She's living her dream and I certainly won't hate on her for that.

What I do hate is the bias surrounding her and her work as the epitome of female geekdom. She has been made into geekdom’s poster girl, resulting in this seemingly blind loyalty that puts her on a pedestal that leaves no room for all the other contributors to the industry – female and male. I feel similarly about Joss Whedon's supposed feminism. The way some people go on, you'd think he was the only male to ever write and promote "strong female charactersTM”.

And if you dare say anything against either of them, well. Let’s just say, I hope your insurance covers pitch forks, tar and feathering and general stake burnings.

In fairness, some of the vitriol that has been thrown at Day has been just that. Most recently, this guy ignorantly went after her via Twitter and has had to do some most pathetic backpedalling and apologizing that deserves a condescending pat on the head in appreciation for his unfortunate case of foot-in-mouth syndrome and a smack upside the head for his general stupidity.

I definitely do not approve of what he said and did - no one deserves such treatment - but I do disapprove of the consequent and continuous fan rally that claims it wants to end this kind of sexist treatment, but in truth, is really more focused on protecting Felicia Day than about ending the misogyny against female geeks. The "white knighting," that, as a friend points out, is a form of misogyny in itself. The rest of us female geeks might have boobs and vaginas, too. But we're no Felicia Day.

Championing the cause of Felicia Day is internet geek god, Wil Wheaton. If he catches wind of anything, fandom will mob mentality behind him. If he catches wind of anything against Felicia Day? Watch. Out.

Where was the fan rally around Aisha Tyler when she suffered the same ignorant hatred flung against her status as a female (and Black) geek? Unfortunately, the attacks against her had the misfortune of happening during the same week as another attack against Felicia Day. Apparently, the quota for fandom rallying was filled. Sorry Aisha.

Not that she needs the help...
What about all the rest of the female geeks that suffer such hateful indignities? Remember when Jennifer Hepler was called the "cancer" of Bioware? Will Anita Sarkeesian's project and the harassment she has dealt with be remembered for its role in trying to defeat this misogyny? How many people care about Burnyourbra's regular adventures in gamer sexism and racism? How about Melissa McEwan?

Hell, as much as I hated having Diana Allers shoved onto my ship when Mass Effect already boasted two perfectly good reporters, I don’t hate Jessica Chobot and certainly don’t believe she deserves the venom that was spewed at her. Who came to her rescue?

Are they not famous enough? Cute enough? Oh I'm gonna say it... White enough?

Does it matter? They are women too and they are being assaulted for their gender while doing something they love.

Yes, there are causes and campaigns and websites and articles, but always always always these things can’t help but mention Felicia Day at the top of the list, as if she is the only female geek out there.

She is not my poster girl.

I’m much more interested in the Gail Simones and Aisha Tylers and Ann Nocentis and Rene Geerlings and Ashley Ecksteins and Amanda Conners and Amy Reeders and everyone at The Mary Sue ...

Change has to happen somewhere, but I’m tired of it only focusing on one person. If Felicia Day magically disappeared today, the geek female movement would still exist and do just fine without her because of the myriad of other contributors to the cause.

Of course, if Felicia Day magically disappeared today, her name would be submitted for sainthood and a million more shrines would be built in her honour….

It's just there are plenty of other girls..


I watched through King of Geeks a while back because I was bored. OMG I hate Celeste. She isn't as much of a geek as the other finalist was. She only won because of a sob story.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - So Tired of Felicia Day/A Rant about the King of Geeks

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