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10-02-23 11:22 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - A MONTH?! I'll still take it
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True Flight
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Short story I got the job and start working on June 10th. My job title is Broadcast Engineer I and I will be working well over minimum wage at 23.08 an hour. Yaaaay.

Funny thing was I got this e-mail from the HR department that I hadn't got the job. I was like totally hurt and pissed because they had JUST given me an offer over the phone. I called up HR to see what was up and left a message. Then HR called me back saying that they had just got this new system in and are learning everything as they go alone. They scared the piss out of me. I was like wtf! XD My team leader was like, "I would've walked out if they had done that to you." I can't wait to start up work so that we can start saving to move closer to my brother(who will be living a good 15 minutes away) and closer to my family. We're finally able to get out of the "Rome Rut"

Edit: Too bad I can't fool my husband on that e-mail. He already knows. and on top of that when I got that e-mail stating that the position was full I walked outside and the rear driver's side tire was FLAT.
True Flight
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Let's see... I wrote this thread right after my first interview on the 27th. I was told 2 weeks til I got a call back. Well who ever is in charge of budgeting finally approved the position and now I FINALLY got a call back. Hip Hip hooray!
True Flight
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Great news!

My dad says he will help out with what ever he can to help us move out of Rome.
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Oh... that man's in for a surprise, lol. I can't believe he actually made the mistake of saying that.

True Flight
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Actually the husband is going to be stay at home dad. *smirk smirk* He's like I don't understand why you're tired all the time. I work way harder... RIIIIIGHT. We will be moving to Atlanta in two months. >.> If I could have it my way I'd do it as soon as I got my first pay check.
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Supremely awesome, and congrats to you! I take it hubby is giving his two weeks because you guys have to move? I am sure that is going to be a fun adventure....

Seriously though, I am super happy for you!
True Flight
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So I put in application a while back for this job with Encompass Media. This was an awesome opportunity to get into the field of Broadcast Engineering, and a college degree wasn't required. I am super excited about this. Then one day my boss from my unit found out about this job. What did he do? He puts in a freaking application and gets the job because he had more military schooling than me. I was so fucking livid. So fucking pissed. I didn't know what to do other then sulk. So I went to drill and the first thing my boss asks me is if I wanted to work over there. He even said that he mentioned my name when they were looking for people with the ability to soak in information and learn. I was like HELL YEAH!! I didn't know that he was going to help me get a job there. I was so freaking thrilled.

Well I put in my application, turned in my resume, and waited. And waited. AND WAITED. No result in waiting, so I asked what was going on. That's when my boss goes to his boss at work and says that I haven't heard anything. Then I get a message back to keep waiting.

So I waited

and waited

and waited

AND WAITED. Then I get an e-mail to send my resume to his boss's e-mail and wait.

So I waited...


THEN FINALLY GOT A REPLY BACK. After about 6 months of waiting, I have been interviewed. Now they're telling me to wait... again. Because there's the background check and the fact that the position is currently filled and they need to have HR give the budgeting for it. They asked me a ton of questions and then told me that if they had the job right then and there I would have it. So NOW I have to wait two weeks to get a call back, and then I have to wait two MORE weeks for my husband to do his two week notice at his job.

That's right... A MONTH til I start working a 50k a year job. wooooooo...

anywho I have been looking around for apartments in Norcros and Tucker near Atlanta. Looks promising. I know for a fact I can afford about 650 a month on rent and some of these apartments are exactly what I want.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - A MONTH?! I'll still take it

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