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03-02-24 02:38 PM
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I like the new companion, mostly because Matt Smith is awful when he's trying to be mopey and angsty, and she turns him back into the big kid that makes him enjoyable. That being said, these last two episodes have had no second act, and that really bothers me.
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Twitch Streams some classic Doctor Who sometimes. I've caught a few episodes... I'm not sure exactly which one but I'd wager the 60's or 70's if it's been going on that long. Surprisingly a bit more sci-fi than I expected too haha. Seems legit.
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I'm just amused with how much shit is still being said about the Doctor now being a woman. She's a species of alien that can regenerate into any race and either sex, and is only NOW a woman after 14 times being a white man.
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So Steven Moffat is out. Thoughts?
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I'm really digging it.

Originally posted by Peter Capaldi
"He's woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord."

As for Clara, I'm fine with the actress and her performance, but the way she's written she just sands around doing nothing. Not to mention that she apparently has cried in half her episodes. I really liked the first two versions we met of her. They were smart, on top of things, and proactive. This one is just bland as hell.
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I've heard that.

It's just funny that with no tie, no hat, no accent of any sort, it's just going heavily reported that he's going to be the first Doctor to wear Doc Martens.
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It's very Pertwee.
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They supposedly released the first image of Peter Capaldi's costume today.

He looks like a magician.
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I actually really liked Matt Smith, but not so much his final episode.

The whole "war" and the build-up over the years regarding the Silence just did not fit with the epic-ness of Dorium's prophecy/speech.

Also, after finally having an episode where I could kind of like Clara, I'm back to all out hating her again. I can't even bring myself to watch anything between "The Angels Take Manhattan" and "The Name of The Doctor." I just end up unspeakably angry, for some reason.

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I'm super excited for Capaldi. I was actually glad to see Smith go, I felt I'd had enough of him, but as his final day draws closer, I find myself growing nostalgic already.
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I bet you that he chokes on fish fingers and custard because his bowtie was too tight.
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Matt Smith's final episode this week. Thoughts?
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I liked it a lot, even if just for the part with all the Doctors coming together and the fact that it wasn't really Rose Tyler.
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Not the best episode I've seen (by far), but oh lordy, that fanservice...
Lord Alexandor
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So...That happened. Yay for saving the world again! =D

I'm really looking forward to the next doctor, but I have to wait sooooo long! Silly basic training getting in the way of my Doctor Who! Anyway, anyone else like the way Rose played out in the Day of the Doctor? I liked the way she worked with the War Doctor.

Also, Tennant and Smith worked together very well with John Hurt. The twist ending was the best! =P
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Originally posted by Cteno
Preordered my tickets, going to see it in theaters!

IMAX for me. Mostly because the regular shows were sold out, but, hey, might as well go all out. I was just watching the 8th Doctor's movie, cause I was curious about McGann. Also, they released this the other day.
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Preordered my tickets, going to see it in theaters!
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Only a few more days 'til the 50th anniversary episode.

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Re-watching the Sylvester McCoy episodes, I swear if you close your eyes you could confuse his voice for Rowan Atkinson's.
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After watching Blackadder when I was younger, I immediately thought that Rowan Atkinson would be an amazing Doctor after the ninth Doctor regenerated.
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