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05-19-22 05:53 PM
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You're drinking the energy of life. FEEL THAT ENERGY FLOW THROUUUUUUUUGH YOU. [emperorgrunt]
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I was at a party, and the host exclusively drank water that he boiled and then bottled. I had some, and even at room temperature it was fucking delicious. Trying it out for myself.
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Really? lol, never noticed how hard they were to open.

If you look inside there's usually an animal with some phrase of the day pictured on the interior side of the label.

The normal long/tall bottles I get say 3 servings, is that like 3 glasses worth? lol. There's a bigger size that looks like it might be 1 liter, but I'm not sure. That's probably how big my new water bottle is that I use at work, which I go through like twice a day after the smart water. Definitely don't think I'm overdoing it at all (I stop when I get home, plus don't want to be peeing all night), but yeah I'm pretty positive I get my daily healthy dose of water.
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Originally posted by X
Water, juice, chocolate milk, and beer.

You are a champion among men, dear sir.

But soda decreases appetite and doesn't help in the dehydration department. So I've been told. Appetite I can definitely see though, from my own experiences. Speaking of your blood sugar issues, I remember when you used to talk about it, and I am truly glad for you that things seem to be working out. Its one of those things that I wouldn't ever encourage paranoia over, especially if you've always checked out okay when you saw a doctor/checked up on it. But its still not something to ignore either, which you handled smashingly, when we were talking about it. Someone's sugar levels can still go high or low even if they're not diabetic. Easier said than done, but finding out what's causing it and then taking care of it seems to be the way to go, which you've done.

Back to the smart water topic though? I checked the bottles at work...same thing, they're just packaged a little differently...and....holy fuckballs...they're hard as shit to open. Pisses me off.
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Soda's become a delicacy for me and I dig it that way honestly. I think it was just weird anxiety bouts over the years making me think I had blood sugar problems... my levels always checked out good, but I can safely say I feel a lot better in general thesedays without soda either way. I got my iron stomach back too, lol. I think dropped 10 pounds in a few weeks without doing anything... except just wasn't drinking soda.

Then I had some dehydration issue years ago, so yeah I just load up on the water thesedays heh. Water, juice, chocolate milk, and beer.
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I manage a gym now (got laid off, but this place pays more money, so woot?) but anywho...we sell this. Everyone buys/drinks it, and I'm just there with my soda and chips/fruit snacks/candy/pizza.

Anywho...tap water, bottled matter. Whatever is in front of me. I'm still an avid soda/juice drinker though. I SHOULD do things that are more healthy, but...yeah. Well water though? That shit is in Jersey where my family goes for the summer, and it makes me sick and gives me the shits. So, I avoid it at all costs.
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Yeah someone was telling me about Smart Water's vapor purification thing earlier today, like it's supposed to be "rain water", lol. Well whatever, seems to be tasty stuff.

It just cracks me up how it's still all a business through and through though, walking down the water aisles again at Walmart, seeing the 20 different types and brands. lol, but I guess the tastes can definitely be different.

I'm going to have to get a purifier sometime soon for home too. I know everyone says bottled water adds up a lot which I can believe, so I'll probably just use those for work from time to time. But right now sink water is as cloudy as can be here... yuck.
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I used to like Voss, but then they started only selling distilled water (why anyone would drink that, I don't know).

All I know is that the well water here sucks. Best water I ever had came from a ground pump at Independence Rock in Wyoming... it was crisp, super ice cold spring water in the middle of July. I can still taste it fifteen years later.
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Tap water is actually held to higher standards than bottled water, fyi.

I grew up with a well, too, which is the second best water I've ever had (place I used to camp had a tiny spring where there's fresh, ice-cold water gurgling out. Fantastic). I've always had really sensitive taste when it comes to water, and Smart water is the only bottled water I really like. I wonder if the vapor purification thing they talk about is actually legit.
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We have well water here so a purifier is pretty much required, and water is SO good when you are thirsty.

Of course, so is tea... and coffee. Since I started this low carb thing, that is pretty much all I am allowed to drink for awhile (though I still cheat and have juice now and then... damn sugar.)
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If I'm not drinking tea, I go for bottled or purified water. It's sooo much better tasting than drinking out of the tap.
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Everyone at work seems to be all over this stuff. I tried it out, think I'm hooked now.

Need to get some kind of purifier at my home sometime though. I probably drink like 3-5 bottles worth of water a day. Feels good to be hydrated!

Do you like water?
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