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05-29-22 05:30 AM
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True Flight
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to distinguish the grouping of bullets.
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Good for you!

Random question... why the connect the dots?
True Flight
Posts: 5124/5243
So I left out for Annistan, AL to qualify. I usually suck at weapons. Seriously I suck at shooting... might be why they put me on the m249 you really don't have to worry about much just carry a ton. So here's my zero sheet.

Just so you guys know this is a simulated 300 meter target from only 25 meters away. Anyway this took me 15 rounds to zero. Last time it took me 30. And many months before that it took me 180 to zero.

We went to pop up targets I got 20. I needed 23 to qual however I did a lot better than last time. Got 11 on the last go around. Anyway they sent me to the alternate range which was a paper target range and I got 26.... Just enough to qual.

To Cyro and the rest of the military folk here... No one upping allowed. This is a big deal for me. A HUGE improvement.
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - Just something random about my weekend

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