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08-15-22 06:42 PM
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Yeah, I talk to him about it. Then he just does it again. It has got to be one of the most annoying character flaws I have ever encountered.
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This is still an issue? Do you talk with him about his behavior?
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It just pisses me off that he automatically accuses me of lying. All the fucking time. I'm automatically lying, or wrong, because he must always, always be right. And when I prove that I am the one that has their facts straight, he never says sorry! Never admits he was wrong. He just goes, "Well they used to have it," in the sulkiest voice ever. At least he doesn't say it's my fault that he was wrong. I think I'd kill him.
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Nothing sweeter than saying, "I toldja so."
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Okay, seriously... we need a "like" button or something, because I really wanted to press a thumbs up on that post.
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You know what made my feel better? Petty vindication the next day. I convinced him to go with me to my work and showed him there were no batteries, we went to Home Depot and Lowes and looked there... still nothing that was what he wanted.

We still have the one that I bought originally.

Elara - 1, Crankypants - 0
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Well, that sounds like a big load of bullshit. Sorry that you have to put up with that crap, Elara.
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Oh, state regulations pushed the start-up cost of the campground into the "fucking impossible" range so we had to scrap that plan.

Then we had an idea for a paintball park... but the majority of the population here just plays in their wooded backyards, so that doesn't really work either.

So... basically, we are waiting for the Marcellus Shale people to come into the area and offer us money.
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Sounds like fights I have with Brandon sometimes.

Don't know what to tell you. He shouldn't have called you a liar, and yeah, if he wanted a certain thing he should have just got it himself.

So what's going on with the camp ground they were supposedly working on?
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This just seemed a bit too long to go in the Fuck You thread...

So, it's been freezing for the last month... since, you know, it's winter and all. My fiance's car hasn't been driven since Dec 19th. Every few days, as I was leaving for work, I would suggest he go start the car so the battery doesn't die... since he is unemployed and really has nothing else to do all fucking day, this shouldn't be a hard thing to do. He kept forgetting. His mother, also unemployed, also kept forgetting.

Today, they went to start the car... and guess what?! Yep, fucking dead. I get a text message while at work asking to buy a portable car jumper/charger. I get another later saying they got a jump but he would still like me to get one. My work didn't have any, so I went to Walmart and bought a nice 400 amp one for $40... because I wasn't paying $70 for the 720amp when we don't need it.

I stop at the local convenience store and pick up a few bottles of our favorite lemonade and make my way home. Where my fiance proceeds to bitch at me because he didn't like the portable jumper I bought. He said he wanted "the" unit they sell at my work... I don't him we didn't have any. He called me a liar and said I shouldn't have gotten anything. I stayed quiet, took the receipt from my purse and told him that if it was that big of a deal he could take it back and get what he wanted. But no... apparently I have to take it back because I bought the wrong thing. He said it was MY fault, and that I failed to communicate.

I'm sorry... I'm not the one that let their car sit for a month, buried in snow, and allow the battery to die despite repeated reminders to go start it. I didn't have to buy anything, but I did, because I am nice. I bought what we needed so that we wouldn't have the problem again. If you wanted one particular unit so badly, perhaps you should have been more specific... or, you know, driven down in your newly jumped car and bought it yourself! But no, I am the one with communication problems. Fuck my life.

At least he thanked me for the lemonade... as an afterthought.
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