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11-29-23 08:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - 2 am text for this?!
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If your sister reported her, she did the right thing then... that shit is fucked up.
True Flight
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apparently this has been going on for the longest time between my sister and her old friend.

This is the one and only time I'm going to blindly follow on this one considering that the friend is a mother of two and is out prostituting herself and smokes pot in the car with the children as passengers.
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I'm sick of Facebook drama. Honestly, if somebody rubs you the wrong way, simply unfriend them. If they persist, block them. It's that easy.

It gets annoying when people drag out pointless crap and then get everybody else involved.
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No idea what is going on, but I would have just stayed out of it. It's her drama, don't let yourself get dragged in.
True Flight
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From facebook my mom texts me at 2 am.

Kristin Kolb
Monday at 6:39pm ·
It makes me sad when I look at my ex-best friend and the only thing I can think is, "Damn. What a fucking waste."
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Cheryl Sanders Kolb Remember there is a portion of us that can change if we so choose.
Monday at 7:09pm via mobile · Like · 2

Kayce Joelle Burdett
Monday at 7:19pm via mobile · Like

Karen Parks Been there, done that.
Monday at 11:43pm · Like

Vikki B Sometimes you just gotta be like, "Man, you're a cunt now, but those were some great times up until the end there."
Tuesday at 9:16am · Like · 1

Sinden Onasi It makes me sad to see you write all these terrible things to her/about her via Facebook, yet you won't muster up the courage to tell her these things to her face. The least you can do: address her in person about these "problems" that you have with her and clear the air (even in it's just to be cordial). She deserves that much, to say the least. If you can't do that: stop talking about it and talk to your therapist.

Because right now, with all the things I know (read and seen): you're the one who looks like a "fucking waste" and a spineless cunt.
15 hours ago · Like · 1

Cheryl Sanders Kolb When the truth hurts people are mean and you don't have to take thier abuse. Including yours butt out Sinden Onasi
14 hours ago · Like

Sinden Onasi Yes, you are right Cheryl Sanders Kolb: the truth does hurt and people can be mean; however, nothing about my words are abusive. And just like you: I'll defend and stand by the people I care for. Now, ask yourself a question: have you even bothered to get the other half of the story or are you just going strictly off of what Kristin Kolb has told you? Maybe you need to find out the entire truth before you butt into a situation you think you know something about.
13 hours ago · Like · 1

Kristin Kolb You obviously need to take your own advice. But hey. Who am i to judge? I don't have your side of the story either. Just like you don't have all of mine. You have read my message I'm sure, but other than that, i can't imagine you know what our seven years of friendship was like. And thanks for letting me know that she does have someone spying for her.
13 hours ago via mobile · Like

Kristin Kolb It's kinda cute. Nothing about the letter i sent her was abusive either. And if she wants to sit down with me and "clear the air" I'm sure she'd have sent me something by now, but had she nope. So until she unlocks me and says something about it, you should probably mind your item business as well. Defriend me. And move along like the rest of the world already has.
13 hours ago via mobile · Like

Sinden Onasi It is cute, very cute (that you think someone has spies looking over you). (Yet, you're the one who wrote the letter and obvious postings about the subject.) Nothing about the letter was abusive, but it was disrespectful. It's okay if you disagree with someone because of their lifestyle but you should not have mentioned their abilities as a parent (when you don't have children) or even talk about them in that sense. That is where you were wrong. Because at that point, you're not only disrespecting the parent, you're disrespecting the children as well. It's okay to have your opinion on life, situations, people, ect; however, certain things--it's just not your place to say anything, especially when it comes to someone else's kids. If you want to discuss parenting: have your own--then you can say all you want. I just think you could have went about that situation in a better way. That is all.
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Cheryl Sanders Kolb You want to met me and tell me your truth in Waverly hall I will be here all day. You bring your foul mouth and your prostitute friend. I am not scared of a couple of overbearing uneducated bullies. Bring it I got something for you both.
12 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Sarah Elizabeth Conklin -.- cut it out deAngelo
12 hours ago via mobile · Like

Sarah Elizabeth Conklin I am not one to judge people and their abilities as a parent. Nor am I to judge lifestyles. If it is toxic to my sister then I will support her decision because she is family and blood is thicker than water. I do however hate it when people do not use FIDO. Fuck It Drive On. And that is what you people need to do and stop fighting for the last fucking word to explain your reasons for why the fucking way you are. I don't care what is going on between you just go the fuck away and stop causing turmoil in my family over the subject. Obviously the hatchet is not going to be buried. If you hate what is being said defriend her and gtfo. Obviously she doesn't give a rats ass or she would've done something else.
12 hours ago via mobile · Like

Cheryl Sanders Kolb Yeah let's get the cops and social services involved. I am sure they can get to to the truth. Or how about this just stop and quick kicking a dead horse. The friendship is over it was ugly death RIP.
12 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2

Kristin Kolb HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Oh. My. God. You don't need to have children to see what a horrible mother looks like, you just need an example of a good one. My example is my mother. And she NEVER, NEVER put herself before us. When you ride around in a car, smoking a blunt, with a baby in the That being said along with the previous comment from my mother, please stop bothering me. I should get her kids taken away from her based on principle. Do you know what smoking pot around an infant can do to it? It can stunt their developmental growth? Huh. Kinda makes sense now as to why Donnie has trouble in school.

I don't need anyone "attempting" to make me feel bad for what I did. Gabbie will never see it for what it really is. There will be no burying the hatchet, and when she sees me at CTC next year, let her make snide jokes about me and laugh loud because I don't give a flying rats ass at all.
9 hours ago · Like

Kristin Kolb I should have waited to block her until she read my last post...but oh well. Fuck it. It wasn't worth the trouble.
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Kristin Kolb Also, I'm pretty sure that was Micah Sarah Elizabeth Conklin and Cheryl Sanders Kolb
9 hours ago · Like

Sarah Elizabeth Conklin This doesn't look like Micah

Sinden onasi
3 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

Kristin Kolb Huh. Doesn't sound like deangelo. Probably gabbie getting on his other name.
3 hours ago via mobile · Like

Cheryl Sanders Kolb Who ever it was I will be happy to settle it face to face. They got my address now let's see if they got the balls to show up.

Please shoot me. Sarah Conklin is me.
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