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08-11-22 02:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Far Cry 3
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Originally posted by X
Rise of the Blood Dragons!

You have my boner's attention, sir.
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Dayum, so true.

But a spinoff of this spinoff would be amazing. Rise of the Blood Dragons!
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The only reason why I don't think that this will become its own IP is because it's starring Michael Biehn -- I'm still under the assumption that the main character is going to die in the end.
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I still need to play more, but yeah I like that it doesn't feel like it's trying too hard for the most part. I'm always afraid of that with things that try to fall back on the old, like ... Duke Nukem Forever or something (which I still admittedly enjoyed).

I wonder if this'll be a nice trend we keep seeing pop up from time to time. I kind of laughed looking above at our current banner, remembering the hilarious MM9 "bad art" that's just so bad it's amazing.

Things that are so bad, they're awesome... a lost art.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Far Cry and Crysis. I actually enjoyed FC2 and FC3 was awesome, story aside, but yeah I always feel like these games would be better in a different environment. I'm not too big on Crysis 1 or the first Far Cry, but the Crysis sequels have decent ideas but got too linear, and the aliens just freaking suck balls. They need to find some middle ground with these two. It really got me thinking, that I'm surprised nobody has done an open city sandbox in first person, I'd absolutely love that.

This has gotten a lot of good reviews and hype, so I do hope it inspires Ubisoft to mix up the Far Cry formula a little more from here, or maybe even turn this into its own main IP. I haven't played much and like I said I enjoyed FC3 a good bit, but yeah I can also see myself digging this even more than the main game.
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I like this expansion more than the base game, to be honest. It's a setting that isn't done often enough, just over the top badassery and everything is made fun of. Hell, even though it was annoying, I still enjoyed the tutorial!
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It's incredible, exactly what Far Cry needed more of... sci-fi, BADASS sci-fi. Grenades EXPLODE!
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Ah, Blood Dragon. I'm gonna get it, looks great. Very old-schooly.
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Expansion for what?

Short post is short.
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I picked it up during a Steam sale a couple weeks ago. It's awesome, except for a recurring glitch that happens to Nvidia GPUs that forces me to shut down the game after a few hours.

However, Far Cry 3 isn't what's important... it's the new expansion coming out on Wednesday that has me all giddy!
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I didn't play any of the other Far Cry games but I got Far Cry 3. It's really good, nice side missions. I beat the game and spent about another 2 days playing the side missions and stuff. In my opinion, it's definitely worth getting.
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Going to pick it up in a minute, sounds incredible.

I for one thought FC2 was pretty solid and finished it. It was repetitive and had its dull moments, traveling was not fun. But... I ended up finding all the diamonds and yeah, sunk a lot of time into that game.

FC3 sounds like it fixes a lot of the issues FC2 had, and adds a lot more content with RPG mechanics, being able to upgrade your stuff, hunting, fast travel from anywhere, better AI, taking over bases instead of fighting the same group of enemies at the same campsight (huge issue in FC2), and climbing radio towers to expand the map... all sounds impressive to me.
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Far Cry 3

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