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06-25-22 11:36 AM
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Free games can also be covered.

I'm not big on horror, myself, so I'll kick that suggestion over to the rest of the team. Would rather have people that actually like the genre reviewing them.
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What about free games?

Au Sable, All of Our Friends Are Dead and The Hunt are good horrory games and you pay nothing!
Kard Ayals
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b& for blog spam.

But really, I'm interested in cheap. I like gaming (and starting today I'm not working 7 days a week) but I'm the definition of cheap.
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Hmm, yeah.

But indeed, that game is amazing. Love the music... the first is pretty much Dragon Quest (alright I haven't played much honestly), but yeah I loved the Zelda-esque dungeons in 2 and everything else was awesome.

Looking forward to more articles.
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Probably not, actually, but I don't care because I like it too much. We're not sticking 100% to any specific category, better to have a little flexibility.
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My GoG collection is pretty crazy because of their sales.

Lufia 2 is cheap?
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Cordilon Gaming is a blog started by me (editor), Kazinsal (codebitch), and Adamusa (British), with an emphasis on cheap games - whether for older consoles/older PC games, indie games, or moddable games, which may not be cheap but the mods mean they can last longer.

We're trying to keep to a schedule of at least one article per day, and we can always use suggestions for games to go over. I know we've got a few retro gamers here (Xeo?), and I'm hoping to not do too many well-known games (but fuck you I'm still doing an article on Lufia 2.)

Anyway, check it out, and feel free to suggest some games.
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cordilon Gaming Blog - For You Cheap Bastards

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