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03-02-24 03:20 PM
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I'm catching up with season two and near the end of the Tartarus arc.

I hate to say, I haven't been a big fan of season 2 all around. The muted colors are really weird too. It's just... not as good anymore.
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Fairy Tail returns in April!
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We have been having a hard time finding time to dl anime and what not because I refuse to stream it off my computer. I blame my kiddo.
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Anyone check out the movie yet? Might watch it soon.

Also the Rave x Fairy Tail crossover is getting the OVA treatment, nice!

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so... I have to sit through... EVERYTHING all over again, because my hubby wanted to watch it. LOVELY. We finally got to Tenrou Island... BUT HE KEEPS GIVING ME SPOILERS LIKE EVERY TIME I TURN AROUND ABOUT THE MAGIC GAMES!!
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Yes you do.

And skip that crap filler, hot damn it was terribad.
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I need to catch up XD
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The current tournament arc is off da hook.
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Any who I finished the episode where Gray and Erza did a mission together. I can't believe I'm saying this but I've lost my Erza x Jelal pair up and was like wow Gray should just "drop" Juvia for Erza.
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I download.
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where are you watching your's? I'm at the japanfan site and they only got up to episode 145.
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That filler arc is FINALLY over... phew, feels good.
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I made it past episode 122 and 123 and I was in tears.
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Personally I love Lucy. She's the greatest breed of main character. I love how it's not so focused on her she just tends to get involved.

And Erza has beat out Integra on characters I would go gay for.
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Movie isn't out until next year I believe, but the OVA should be up to 2-3 episodes or something... they're pretty great haha.

I'm really stoked for the movie since Mashima is pretty involved, the art looks a lot more like his manga style as well. Gonna be good stuff.

Do you like Lucy? I see a lot of people tend to hate her, I honestly like her a lot though. Erza is the bomb though, as is Juvia... and yeah Mashima does well with female characters for a shounen.
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I have been looking for somewhere to dl the movie and ova for FT after I'm done with the series though.
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Yeah it's amazing. It finally caught up to the manga though, so it's been in a huge filler arc and holy balls is it awful.

The same creator made Groove Adventure Rave (Plue is a main in it), check it out if you haven't.
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So I finally decided to watch this on Hulu one day and after watching the first 49 episodes. I'm totally hooked.
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