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02-21-24 05:32 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Torchlight 2
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Originally posted by X
Very tempted to try this out now that I have a better PC and it's still oh so nice at that cheaper price tag.

There are a few places that are putting it on sale recently at around $7 or so. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me think of the websites doing so. :/
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Very tempted to try this out now that I have a better PC and it's still oh so nice at that cheaper price tag.
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I'm having ssooo much fun playing this game. Only had about 3 or 4 hours or so, but still!
Kard Ayals
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This game is legit. It's pretty darn good.
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Hmm, yeah dungeon crawlers never give me a sense of reward after playing them. But I still want to check this one out, for $20 how can you go wrong?

Not surprised to hear it's better though, heh. Guess I saw that coming.
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Originally posted by X
Better than D3?

I regret ever giving D3 a chance, now.

This game is better than I had anticipated, and my hype level was rather extreme. So far, I've found a reference to The Goonies and to Doctor Who, so my inner nerd is squealing with absolute joy.

I thought the fun was over when I picked up a really powerful unique weapon... and then found another shortly thereafter. I was 1-shotting everything except for champion monsters with my basic attack... but my worries were laid to rest when I got to the next area, where everything gained in power enough for me to have a challenge again.

Not only are the classes balanced well, but so are the enemies and equipment. While I feel more powerful than the enemies, I still have to be careful because I don't think it's possible to become godly all that easily. This, for me, makes every new piece of gear feel like it means something, every little bit makes me stronger but never makes me completely overpowered -- but if it does, it's only to give me a taste of ultimate destruction, to let me giggle like a madman while plowing through the area with ease, only to make me want to gain even more power just a bit later.

I don't think I've ever played such a gratifying game before. It's not perfect, honestly no game is, but it comes damn close... and I usually don't like playing ARPGs!
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Better than D3?
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The official plan is four "campaign" style DLCs, which they compared to the Secret Armory in scale. No word on how much other DLC, like the Mechromancer...
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I can't wait on Borderlands 2, but I imagine there will be 12 DLC expansions at least, so yeah you're probably doing the right thing.
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Preload has started. My body is ready.

As for Borderlands 2, I'm waiting until the inevitable GOTY edition 75% off on steam.
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lol, yep... gonna be hard to balance two grindfests.
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I pre-ordered it, but I also fully expect to be playing Borderlands 2 for a while.
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I've seen the image, love it haha.

The problem is... I'll probably be hooked on Borderlands 2 for awhile.

BUT, don't know how you can pass this up at $20. I think it'll be a lot better than Diablo 3. D3 ended up giving me that awful, awful RO vibe... like, it was the best game in the world for a week, then I completely stopped caring. I wonder if Torchlight II will be another one of those... haha.

but I can't stop randomly going back to RO sometimes
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I preordered my copy about a month ago and it's coming out on the 20th of September.

What is Torchlight, you ask? Well, not to compare say it's better or worse, it is considered the spiritual successor to Diablo 2, as it is made by the same folks that brought you that game.

There are many things that separate it from that series, however, but my favourite is the pet system -- all characters start out with a pet that helps in combat, can hold and sell your items when you're out in the middle of nowhere, and a new feature in the sequel is that you can give your pet a shopping list so they can pick things up for you while in town, such as potions and scrolls.

For the people that don't like the rune system of Diablo 3, this game takes a step back to the days of allocating skill points and stat points at every level-up. The system is tweaked to where you aren't exactly going through skill "trees", but rather, you may purchase whatever you like in the list as long as you meet the level prerequisite. That's not all! Every five points you allocate to a skill, it will evolve in a way. Say you have a skill that makes a wall of branches that blocks and hurts enemies... at level 5, it will grow thorns and do more damage. At level 10, the wall gets bigger. At level 15, the thorns poison the enemies. And so on.

A big upgrade that the first game lacked is multiplayer. Not only can you connect to the internet but the beloved LAN option is also available, something that not enough games this generation have anymore. That was simply my only gripe with the first game, as it felt like the adventure really should have been a shared experience.

Another boast is the size of the game compared to the first -- it would take around eight to ten hours to complete the first but this sequel packs a whopping twenty to thirty hours into it. Also, you're not only limited to dungeons anymore; a vast overworld awaits with randomized layouts so no two adventures are alike. Max Schaefer of Runic quoted that the entire game of Torchlight would fit into the first act of Torchlight 2.

For all of you that had played the first game, check this out:

I honestly can't wait. I haven't been this hyped up for a game in a long time. Also, this game is only $20.
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