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06-15-21 01:12 PM
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Well, I will say this, 3rd person omniscient was a wonderful exercise. Elara's right though. It does get confusing. It's a great exercise to work out your characters, for yourself, that is. It took me a long time to figure out what kind of writer I am. Like, with RPing, I never put too much thought into my characters. Got VERY lazy with 'em, actually, but I always enjoyed playing out the events. But when I'm writing on my own, I feel like I'm more of a character writer. Most of my inspiration has come from my interactions with people, and places are very important, but I seem to put more time into developing people.

Most of the characters I've created for this story, I know things about them that won't really be conveyed in the book, like favorite color, book, food, etc. It makes me feel better about what I'm writing. I'll have a first chapter up soon, actually. I've got a whole bunch of shit written down and played out in my head. I already have a basic understanding of how its going to end. I'm very excited about this project.

But I've decided on first person, from a girl's perspective.
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I have a couple books that start out third person... You can tell what everyone is thinking I like it.

However the second part is always 1st person.
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Third person omniscient can get really confusing... I prefer third person limited or first person.

I would say that the gender would matter more on the story you want to tell and events you want to happen. Whichever makes it flow better would be the better option.
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Something that I've been more proactive about than...ever...and yet something I've felt in my gut I've been wanting to do for my entire life.

I'm committing myself to writing this damned story. I've literally been losing sleep thinking about it, jotting down ideas. Real life experiences have inspired it, of course, but with a twist of humor and dramatization because...well, its a story...

Point of this thread is this: I admire the literary/creative prowess of everyone on here. I will be popping up with questions/opinions/general discussion in between posting each bit of the story as it comes along.

First two things is this:

1) If you were reading a story that was meant to have a "Outsiders" feel, would you prefer to read from a boy or a girl's perspective? (It's a technique that I enjoy using. Writing my first draft with heavy tones of my inspiration, and then taking each draft and plucking away from the "sameness" and adding my own to it. Odd thing about "The Outsiders" is, not only is it an excellent story and one of my favorites...but I identify with it REALLY well, and anyone who's been here as long as I have, if not longer, and remember my rantings, you'd see it too. Although, in all honesty, I probably only think it's the same because of the "friends are like family" and experiences in an impoverished, terrible neighborhood setting in which I actually grew up. (Yes, I'm babbling)

2) First person? (which is where my gut has been taking me thus far...) or third person omniscient? I'm reading a 3rd person omniscient story now, and I'm really digging it, so I'm considering trying that for either something else in the future or using it for my baby here that I'm developing.

First person? If so, boy or girl? Third person omniscient? If so, still have a main focus on a boy or girl character?
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