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05-29-22 03:45 AM
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I love Audrey Plaza, so I might go see this.

Didn't know she was in Scott Pilgrim though... I've only seen her in Parks & Rec on NBC.
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I'm not usually in to those "high school" movies, but this one looks genuinely funny. I might take my girlfriend to it for shits and giggles.
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Pretty much take American Pie, make it a girl determined to become sexually experienced before high school, cast that girl who played the bitchy friend from Scott pilgrim as the lead... matter of fact, cast a bunch of people who've been in Michael Cera movies, but not Cera himself... and you get this movie.

It's not coming out until February, which seems weird since it looks like the movie is finished already based on the footage included, but eh.

I might see it. In the cheap theater.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - The To Do List

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