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12-09-23 01:27 PM
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Ending for the second season, lol:

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I love the aesthetics of her armor... the red jewels, gives off a lot of energy.
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Your new man-lair will be a superb establishment.
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I kind of want this... and this, maybe this, and this one... this one?

I WILL need some home decor when I move out!...
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I read them for the puzzles!

But seriously I hate ecchi shows, but this is a better attempt at it and not annoying haha.
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Originally posted by X
Honestly she's one of the best characters, haha.

Only you, faced with that picture of the figure, would talk about her as a character.

I'd ask if you also read Playboy for the articles, but it's just so damn boring these days, especially when you can find better nude photos all over the Internet for free.
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Yeah, that's the one.

Honestly she's one of the best characters, haha.
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No imagination. What. So. Ever.

Brandon's responsible for this picture. We both stopped to look at the figures and he realized he could take pictures of the girls at angles this.
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Ah, I think I understand now. This show isn't ecchi, as ecchi leaves a little to the imagination. That figure, though, leaves very little.
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Originally posted by X
The green girl on the left has a snake for her underwear. A live snake that sometimes moves around.

Is this her?

They just have the figures out like this at Comic-Con and Anime Expo.
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She's made of jello or something. She shoots out tit acid in the first episode.

The green girl on the left has a snake for her underwear. A live snake that sometimes moves around.
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I was wondering where some of these characters came from, especially since I've been seeing the figures at conventions.

Not to mention, you know, this thing:
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No idea at all.*

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I'm not sure why I'm watching this*, but this... isn't all that bad?

* I'm not one to watch ecchi shows either. But this seems like a series with a hilarious amount of fanservice done right. It's not bad like Aika R-16 Virgin Mission where I almost fell asleep even after forcing myself to count the panty shots int he last episode!
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