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06-02-23 08:57 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Did a good thing and this is what I get
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I admit that I am quite proud of you for that, True. You did a very honorable thing, and I hope it pays off well and he takes your words to heart. As for the supervisor, that is sorta an icing on the cake thing. And if you hadn't stayed, she might not have been able to say it to you, so yay fate!
True Flight
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Thanks for listening on the issue at hand as far as the little shit head on my team goes. You would be PROUD of me if you were in the Harrisburg PA airport Thursday night.

My flight to ATL was cancelled and my commander wanted me to go home ASAP considering that it was my first day on my third trimester. My commander wanted me to spend that night with my husband and be with him on his day off on the very next day. So he had one of his soldiers set up to switch to the next flight with me.

The commander believes in "soldier's first" also says his favorite soldiers are those who don't spend training sucking up, stealing credit for those who are working hard, and those who don't put their home front drama out on the table and say they can deal... because when you say "she will be okay" APPARENTLY that's a valid answer and no one will be questioned then.

Anyway the little Private Second Class(PV2) got a call from his wife saying that her contractions were getting worse and their daughter is extremely sick. He tells me... and just loses all military bearing and is walking around saying how he can't deal with playing soldier anymore and what not. Just looking totally unprofessional.

So... I pulled the kid aside and gave him my judgements. What I thought was wrong with him, how I thought about how he handled everything, and how this is what he deserves for putting all his judgements on me. He just about walked away and I stopped him. "Irregardless to the fact that I think you're a total and complete dick, suck up, and you've lost all my respect for the infantry and national guard... You're getting my seat. I'll stay til Friday so you can go home. Just please... Change your attitude in the Army and stop making the Reserves look bad, we don't need any help."

So... I stayed at a Sheraton Inn that night and bawled over the phone to my husband about how I feel like a total and complete bitch to him because I gave my seat up to a complete shit bag who didn't deserve it.

Of course he turned around and cussed me out saying that I did the right thing. He can live and it's what his bosses when he was in the Navy would've done and it's what my supervisors would've done.

That night I received an apology from my supervisor for the exercise... she said we both were in the wrong and I didn't need to apologize for anything since the break down in communication was her fault. She then said she felt like crap that she couldn't do anything for the PV2 and it was wrong of her to recommend him for an award he didn't deserve.

So... All's well that ends well.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Did a good thing and this is what I get

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