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08-19-22 07:17 PM
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True Flight
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I KNOW. On top of that we went out for dinner. Turns out that his wife is having contractions. Our Company Commander told him that his wife can always send in a Red Cross Message to get him home. The kid just shrugs it off and says... "She'll live she understands it's for the mission."

I understand this is his second kid and all but... WTF. Honestly. He needs to get back to his wife. She's about to pop and only 5% of women actually deliver their babies on time. If she's having contractions now. She's not due in 2 weeks... She's about to go into fucking labor.
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Well that is good. And I agree, you don't need to be insecure, since you know your worth to that team. If you didn't, you wouldn't have been so insulted.
True Flight
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I don't have the correct proof.

On top of that... he has my superior wrapped around his finger and she's cold natured... keeping the fucking heat on in the room.


I got a motivational speech from my squad leader when I told him all about it. He called me the computer guru. Told me that I have the most use on the team and that I didn't need to take anything Mein Fraulein says to heart.

He says that I am more than capable at my job and I should keep my head held high. Then he says when him and SGT Lanier leave the unit I probably will be getting the position of NCOIC of that team. So I will have the authority to be his leadership.

He told me that the e-2 giving me grief was a fuck up in the NG and that everything he does is being paid attention to. I don't need to be so pissy and I don't need to be so insecure.
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Wait... what exactly did he say to you?

And have you reported him to your superiors? I'm pretty sure you have a valid claim to harassment.
True Flight
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Who happens to be a dude who bitches waaaay too much for his own good.


You are nothing but a fucking e-2... a Private 2nd Class. All you have done this entire AT is go behind my back and make comments on me being incompetent at doing my job. Who the fuck are you to say that? And where the fuck did you get that?

When I do something wrong I do not take it personal. I am fine but when you constantly go up to me and point out my mistakes in the most conniving of manners you annoy the shit out of me.

On top of that you are in areas that you should not even TOUCH. Where the fuck do you get off? Who the fuck are you to tell me that I am wrong when I know I'm right?

When I fixed those MacBooks you were no where to be found when someone needed a fucking tech. YOU'RE A FUCK UP! You're an idiot at doing this job and you are soooo fucking lucky my original team leader is at school right now. Why? Because you would be stronger.

Who the hell are you to shrug at a promotion? You know what that tells me? YOU'RE NOT FUCKING READY TO GET CLOSER TO BECOME AN NCO!!

You make me sick! You tell me how to raise my future child? Tell me that I should sacrifice EVERYTHING and never have me time with MY HUSBAND? You're trying to run my fucking life? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SAY THAT SHIT?! WHAT THE FUCK!!

You undermine leadership! You undermine me! You are a fucking Nasty Guard raised private and you're NCOes have failed THE FUCK OUT OF YOU.
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